GABB Rules & Regulations
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11 7.4 APPEALS


12 Appendix 1:

13 Appendix 2:

14 Appendix 3:

15 Appendix 4:

1. MANAGEMENT OF Senior LOCAL AREA COMPETITION The board shall be known as the Galway Area Basketball Board and in Irish as Cumman CisPheile Cheantar na Gaillimhe. It shall be abbreviated as G.A.B.B.

1.1 These regulations govern the operation of G.A.B.B’s Local Area Competitions. These regulations can be changed or amended each year if needed at the AGM or EGM.

1.1 G.A.B.B will be responsible for all policy concerning the Local Area Competitions, as delegated by the Council of Basketball Ireland. G.A.B.B will consist of an Executive Committee. If required it can also include one representative of each affiliated club and one representative of each affiliated technical group.

1.3 The Executive Committee will be comprised of the following members: A. Chairperson B. Secretary C. Treasurer D. Registrar E. PRO F. Fixtures Secretary G. Child Protection Officer H. Development Officer I. NABC Delegate.

The Executive Committee will administer the affairs of the G.A.B.B Committee.

1.4 Any member of the Executive Committee has the right to submit a written report on any aspect of the game at which he/she is present. Such reports may be used as a basis for imposing automatic fines as sanctions.

1.5 The official channel of communication between the Executive Committee and a participating club is the Club Secretary, correspondence may be typed and posted email is acceptable.

1.6 By entering into and being registered to play in G.A.B.B Competitions, clubs and/or individuals must accept these regulations in their entirety.

1.7 The Executive Committee may impose disciplinary action and / or fines for breaches of the regulations that have no specified penalty.

1.8 All Competition trophies are the property of Galway Area Board. When the winning clubs have been ascertained, a member of The G.A.B.B will present the appropriate trophy to that club. The club in turn will then be responsible for its return to the G.A.B.B by 28th February of the following season.

- Failure to return the trophies by this date may result in the G.A.B.B collecting the trophy, with the cost of this paid by the club.

- Should a trophy be damaged or lost whilst under the care or custody of a club, that club may shall be required to pay the Galway Area Board the monetary value of the trophy, or the cost of it’s repair.

1.9 The season will begin on August 1st of the current year and end on July 31st of the following year 1.10 The Executive Committee will have the right to exercise its judgement and discretion in the interpretation of these regulations taking into account the best interests of Basketball Ireland, its club’s, its players and/or potential players.

The Executive Committee shall meet a minimum of six times during the season.



2.1.1 All officials and clubs will be provided with updated versions of the local competition rules and regulations at the commencement of each season. Clubs are responsible to provide their members with these regulations. All other rules and regulations governing Area Boards and National Competitions can be found on BI website.

2.1.2 All games must start on time. If one team is not ready on court ready to play 15 minutes after the appointed start time, a walkover will automatically be awarded to the team already on court unless the teams and referee(s) have reached an alternative agreement.

2.1.3 At the end of the game, the home team shall be responsible for texting the result of the game via media message or email to the GABB PRO (Appendix 1).

2.1.4 Any team that concedes a walkover shall be subject to a penalty as specified in Section 6 and Appendix 1.

2.1.5 Any team that concedes two walkovers in one season shall be suspended from all competition for the remainder of the season.

2.1.6 If requested, birth certificates of players must be lodged with the registrar of the G.A.B.B within seven (7) days of such request. Failure to comply will result in the automatic suspension of that player.

2.1.7 A change in club secretary must be notified to the G.A.B.B. within Forty-eight (48) hours of the change.

2.1.8 All correspondence from the Executive Committee requesting a reply must be answered within four (4) working days. Failure to do this will result in an automatic fine, as set in Appendix 1.

2.1.9 Any club/team from outside the GABB that wishes to play in GABB competitions must comply with the following procedures and produce a signed BI/ Area Board Link Form.

A. The team must obtain written permission (email or letter) from the host Area Board to confirm they allow them to enter the league in question.

The team must obtain written permission (email or letter) from their own geographically based Area Board to confirm they allow them to play.

The team must continue to play in their own geographically based Area Board’s competition (if available) as well as the new Area Board’s competition to ensure development is not slowed.

This procedure must be repeated for each season. No rolling agreements may exist. 2.10 Any club/team who wish to travel to a tournament outside the GABB in Ireland or internationally must apply for permission to the GABB secretary.

2.11 A club wishing to invite players from another club to play invitational tournaments in Ireland or abroad must first seek permission from GABB and the players club before issuing an invite to that player.

2.12 Any matter that may arise and is not covered by the existing competition regulations, the Executive Committee shall deal with and decide on the matter accordingly.


2.2.1 A club may have more than one team competing in the local leagues however if a player competes on the higher level team on more than one occasion the player will not be eligible to play on the lower level team e.g. Div 1 to Div 2, without permission from the G.A.B.B.

2.2.2 Players playing in the men’s Superleague or Mens National League Division One competitions may only play in the G.A.B.B. Division One league. Structured link players can return to their local Teams with the permission of the G.A.B.B.

2.2.3 All teams playing in GABB competitions must have full-size indoor courts available to them which may be inspected by the GABB at any time. The court must be available for at least 90 minutes per game.


2.3.1 All clubs entering league competition must pay a bond as set by the Executive Committee. The bond or remainder of may be returned at the end of the season if requested by the club.

2.3.2 League points: three (3) for a win, one (1) for a loss and zero (0) for a walkover/forfeit. In the case of the latter, other penalties may be applied at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

2.3.3 The team with the greatest number of points at the conclusion of the league shall be declared the divisional winner.

2.3.4 If two or more teams finish level on points for any position FIBA rules shall decide the ranking of the teams.

2.3.5 If a team withdraws or is expelled from the league then all games in which the team participated prior to the withdrawal or expulsion will be considered null and void and will not be included in the league table – unless the team has played everyone once, only then the first round of games will be included.


2.4.1 The Cup competition will be played in a knockout format. The Executive Committee will conduct an open draw for the competition this may include the seeding of teams based on the results of the previous season.

2.4.2 All players participating in the cup competitions are cup tied and may only represent one team in any G.A.B.B cup competition.

2.4.3 Teams not playing in the G.A.B.B leagues are not eligible to play in the G.A.B.B cup Competitions.


2.5.1 Referee Expenses: Each team is required to pay referee expenses as determined by the Executive Committee and agreed with the referees committee. Payment of referees will be as follows: First half of fees to be paid before November 15th. Second half fees to be paid before January 20th.

2.5.2 Any monies owed to the G.A.B.B by a club and not received by the due date shall be subject to penalties as agreed by the Executive Committee.

2.5.3 If a club competing in G.A.B.B competition folds or withdraws from competition, leaving outstanding monies owed to the G.A.B.B, the officials and players of the club which folded will be responsible for the payment of one seventh of the outstanding debt before they will be permitted to play or be involved with any other club.

2.5.4 Cheques from clubs that are returned upon presentation to the bank will be liable to monetary penalty plus bank charges. Appendix 1.


3.1 There is no automatic entry to the GABB competitions. Applications to enter GABB competition must be received annually, it must be accompanied by all relevant fees, including the bond and player registration list. These should be received by the GABB registrar by the deadline set out by the Executive Committee. Completed applications received outside of the deadline (which must include the complete fee) shall be subject to a late fee. See Appendix 1.

3.2 All Clubs must also pay an annual Basketball Ireland club/team registration fee(s) and complete the Basketball Ireland club registration form as specified by Basketball Ireland.

3.3 All clubs must pay a team and player registration fee (and any other fees) as specified by GABB.

3.4 Any team withdrawing from GABB leagues after the fixtures have been released will forfeit their entry fee/bond. In addition clubs will be fined for withdrawing from a competition after this date and will be subject to sanction per fixture not fulfilled. See Appendix 1.

3.5 Teams participating in local competitions must have adequate public liability insurance. GABB reserves the right to request proof of this insurance at any time.


4.1 As per Basketball Ireland Regulations, all clubs, and the teams, players, coaches and table officials attached to these clubs must be registered with Basketball Ireland and GABB through the club registration scheme. Local fees shall be determined at the start of each season. October 31st is the final date to register a club.

4.2 All coaches, club officials authorised by the referee to sit on the team bench, must be registered/licensed with Basketball Ireland and GABB. Only those licensed will be permitted to sit on the team bench. Breach of this regulation will incur automatic penalties as outlined in Appendix 1.

4.3 Any club who plays an unlicensed or ineligible player in any game shall automatically forfeit the game and be fined accordingly (Appendix 1).

4.4 A player shall only be registered with one club.

4.5 A player can be registered any time during the season provided they do not require a transfer.

4.6 A player must have played at least one game in the league prior to December 31st to play in any cup competition. Before a player can play for a club all transfer forms must be in order (where required) before their registration is accepted.

4.6 A player may only play for one team throughout the season if the club has two teams in the same division.

4.7 All players playing in senior competitions must pay the senior fees, irrespective of age.

4.8 The closing date for transfers for local competition shall be the 31st of October of the current season. - A player wishing to transfer from one club to another must comply with the transfer regulations of Basketball Ireland and must complete the Basketball Ireland official transfer form as specified. - A player shall be eligible to play for a new club once the G.A.B.B secretary has confirmed approval on behalf of the G.A.B.B and Basketball Ireland.

- In accordance with the Basketball Ireland Regulations, a player once registered and transferred may not register again with the same club in that season. - A player may only transfer once in any one season. A player eligible to play U16 competition is ineligible to play senior competition. -All BI pin numbers must be filled in on the score sheet for all competitions from U14 upwards. Failure to comply will result in fine as per appendix one.


5.1 Teams are required to wear matching uniforms. Unless otherwise specified, the uniform must be numbered as outlined in the FIBA Official Rules of Basketball.

5.2 Teams must wear their stated registered colours for all games, as stated on registration form.

5.3 Teams that fail to comply with these regulations will be automatically fined. Appendix 1.

5.4 All teams should have two sets of playing kit; one of the designated sets should be lighter in colour than the other.

5.5 In the event of a colour clash, the first named team on the fixture list shall change.

5.6 All undergarments must be of the same single colour as the uniform.

5.7 All home venues shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of G.A.B.B.

5.8 The home team must provide a visible score board, and time clock. Basketball Ireland score sheet and table equipment i.e. pens, arrows, foul markers and team foul markers. The correct court markings and the use of an official Molten match ball.

5.9 Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, members and spectators at all times while the venue is being used for their games. If a member of a team player or official becomes abusive to an official or player during a game that team will be responsible for removing that person or persons from the gym. Failure to do so will result in the game being awarded by forfeit to the opposing team. A team must nominate a venue officer before the start of each game. In the absence of a nominated venue officer, the coach of the home team assumes this role.


6.1 FIXTURE SCHEDULING 6.1.1 All local competition fixtures shall be set by the fixtures secretary.

6.1.2 Each registered club must send one delegate to all fixture meetings when requested. Failure to do so will result in a fine (Appendix 1).

6.1.3 Confirmation of all fixtures should be sent to the league fixtures secretary within four (4) days of receiving the fixtures.

6.1.4 Failure to confirm fixtures to league fixtures secretary will result in the league fixtures secretary setting them as necessary.

6.1.5 It is the responsibility of the home teams to provide two competent table officials to perform the functions of scorekeeper and timekeeper. At least one of these must be an adult. These officials should be competent and registered as Table Officials with Basketball Ireland.

6.1.6 A commissioner neutral to the clubs involved in games may be appointed by the GABB.


6.2.1 Requests for change of fixtures must be submitted in writing at least two weeks in advance to the fixtures secretary and accompanied by change of fixture fee (see Appendix 1) with a new agreed fixture date by both teams.

6.2.2 When a fixture is to be re set or to be rescheduled by teams, the home team must offer their opponents at least two (2) dates over two weeks.

6.2.3 Later Requests for change of fixtures will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of the GABB.

6.2.3 Where agreement cannot be reached by both teams on rescheduling a game the GABB will set the date and time for the game.


6.3.1 Late cancellations of a fixture will not be permitted unless exceptional circumstances prevail as agreed by the Executive Committee.

6.3.2 Where a team fails to fulfil a fixture at short notice, the offending team will be liable for all reasonable costs incurred by the opposing team i.e. travel expenses as agreed by the executive committee and referee costs. The team may also be fined and/or penalised by the Executive Committee.

6.3.3 If a game is disrupted due to condensation the following procedures will apply:

A. On the first occurrence of condensation, the referee will stop the game and allow the home team fifteen (15) minutes to correct the problem.

A. On the second occurrence, the referee should stop the game and advise the coaches that the floor is unplayable. The referee will make the final decision to abandon the game.

A. In the event that a game is abandoned due to condensation, the game shall be re fixed by the fixtures secretary and continue on from the point where the game was stopped.

6.3.4 The referee has the final decision with regard to the continuation of the game. The referee must be satisfied that the venue is safe. Every effort should be made by the home team to overcome the difficulties but if the situation cannot be made safe for players and officials then the referee will decide accordingly.


6.4.1 In the event of a postponement and the two clubs failing to reach an agreement as to when the match shall be re fixed the GABB shall within seven (7) days after the date of the original fixture re fix the game.

6.4.2 If a team fails to reach a venue due to adverse weather conditions, the Executive of the G.A.B.B may rule that the game should be re-scheduled. 6.4.3 Unless otherwise stated all games shall be played according to FIBA rules.


6.5.1 The referee is responsible for their report (if required) arriving by post/fax/email to the GABB Secretary within three (3) working days of the fixture.

6.5.2 The lead referee of the game is responsible for the original (white) score sheet arriving to the GABB Registrar.

6.5.3 The home team must text/email the result and a photo of the score sheet from the game to the GABB PRO by midnight of the game ending. Failure to do so will result in a fine (Appendix 1).



7.1.1 The Executive Committee shall appoint an Area Board Appeals Committee at the start of the season. This committee will be ratified by the GABB Committee and should consist of a minimum of five (5) people. A minimum of three (3) members must be present to hear any appeal to the GABB.

7.1.2 Unless otherwise specified, The Executive Committee shall be responsible for all disciplinary matters arising from the competitions and other activities organised by the GABB.

7.1.3 Individuals may be fined or suspended for any matter pertaining to the local competitions as decided by the Executive Committee.

7.1.4 Decisions from disciplinary matters Except fixed penalties have the right of appeal to the GABB Appeals Committee.

7.1.5 Any disciplinary action decided by the Executive Committee will take effect immediately and this decision will remain in force until the written appeal and fee are received.

7.1.6 In the event of a player or coach being disqualified from any game under the jurisdiction the GABB, the player/coach shall automatically be suspended for a minimum of one (1) game. This suspension takes effect of immediately and cannot be appealed. If this suspension is increased by the Executive Committee the player or coach has the right to appeal the extra suspension as per the GABB rules.

7.1.7 All disciplinary action will be applied to both league and cup competition regardless of what competition the incident took place in.

7.1.8 Any suspension not served in full before the end of the season will be carried forward into the following season.

7.1.9 Any player or coach who is suspended may not play or sit within the team bench area. He/she may be present at the venue unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee.

7.1.10 A player disqualified from a game for two unsportsmanlike fouls shall receive 10 penalty points on reaching 20 penalty points that player shall serve a one match ban.


7.2.1 Outside of automatic fines, the Executive Committee may impose penalties upon individual players, clubs and club members as it sees fit.

7.2.2 Penalties may be in the form of fines, deduction of league points, suspension or disqualification from their respective GABB competition or any other penalties deemed appropriate by the GABB from time to time.

7.2.3 The GABB Secretary will notify every club of all penalties issued on a weekly basis or as otherwise agreed at the AGM.

7.2.4 A penalty imposed by the Executive Committee, not including automatic fines as outlined in Appendix 1, may be appealed in the first instance to the GABB Appeals Committee. Such an appeal shall be in writing, will be sent to the GABB Secretary within five (5) days of the notice of the penalty and be accompanied by a bond of €100.

7.2.5 The appeal must clearly state the grounds on which the penalty is being appealed and shall include any documentary evidence to be considered necessary to support the appeal. The GABB Appeals Committee will always hold an appeal hearing for such appeals.


7.3.1 If a team believes that its interests have been adversely affected and that the decisions taken have influenced the result of the game, it may appeal the result by signing the score sheet ‘under protest’ in accordance with the procedures outlined in the FIBA Official Basketball Rules.

7.3.2 A written protest and the appropriate fee (€100) must be sent to the GABB secretary within five (5) working days following the date of the game. Email is acceptable but must be followed up with a phone call to ensure the receipt of the email. A copy of the written protest must also be sent to the opposing team by the G.A.B.B secretary.

7.3.3 If either the written protest or the fee is not received within the specified time, the protest shall be considered null and void.

7.3.4 If the decision is made in favour of the team making the protest, the fee shall be refunded in full.

7.4 APPEALS 7.4.1 In order for an appeal to be valid it must be received in writing to the secretary of GABB via email address within five (5) days and must be accompanied by a deposit of €100. This deposit will be returned if the appeal is upheld.

7.4.2 The GABB Appeals Committee shall call a meeting to discuss the appeal. The date and time of the hearing, once set, shall also be communicated to both parties:

a) The party bringing the appeal shall state their case first. The defending body or committee will then state their case. Each side will have the opportunity to crossexamine the other side through the Chair. The GABB Appeals Committee members may also question both sides. b) The Chairperson once satisfied that all involved have had ample time to state their case and cross examine, shall then terminate that part of the appeal meeting and ask all parties to withdraw to allow the committee to make their decision.

7.4.3 The decision of the GABB Appeal Committee shall be forwarded in writing to both parties within seven twenty four hours.

7.4.4 If the decision is made in favour of the team making the appeal, the fee shall be refunded in full.

7.4.5 When all local GABB appeal mechanisms have been exhausted, only then can the decision be appealed to the National Appeals Committee, as outlined in Basketball Ireland Regulations.

7.5 PAYMENT OF FINES 7.5.1 All fines will be taken from the clubs bond. If the bond falls below 33.3% of the amount specified in the appendix, it must be brought up to 160 euro before a team’s next game. Any game due to be played during that time shall be forfeited. (See also 7.2.3)

7.5.2 All fines imposed, whether they are individual or team fines must be paid by the date specified. All clubs will be liable to pay a member’s fine and seek reimbursement from that individual.

Appendix 1: Schedule of Automatic Fines Regulation

Penalty (€)

Failure to complete team registration application form by deadline (Late fee)


Local competition withdrawal fee


Failure to attend required meeting

€100 per meeting

Failure to fulfil Fixture (Forfeit) €40 + Referees cost and loss of Points Failure to provide any item(s) of table equipment


Failure to provide a visible scoreboard or time clock


Use of an unlicensed coach


Playing an unlicensed or illegal player €50 per person & game forfeit Failure to wear matching uniforms

€40 per team

Failure to wear registered team colours

€40 per team

Administrative charge for change of fixture request


Failure to email/text correct result and photo of score sheet and/or scorers to the designated number by midnight of game ending


Failure to reply to official correspondence from the Executive Committee


Failure to use approved match ball in competitions


Failure to display signage as directed by G.A.B.B

€50 per sign

Failure to fill BI Pin numbers on score sheet

€5 per person

Failure to have competent Table Officials.

€20 per person

Failure of Bank to honour cheque

€50 and pay bank charges

Appendix 2: Basketball Ireland Player Transfer Form

Please print in BLOCK LETTERS using blue ink SECTION 1 –– PLAYER DETAILS AND PLAYER REQUEST I, _______________________________, and Registration Number ____________________ Player Name BI Number

Of; Postal Address _________________________, _________________________________ City/County _________________________________, Postcode ______________________,

Gender (M/F) :__________, Date of Birth: ____/____/________, Nationality: _____________

I wish to apply for a transfer:

From: _______________________________________________ (Club & Local Area

Board) To: _______________________________________________ (Club & Local Area

Board) Player Signature: ______________________________________ Date:


Note – if the applicant is under the age of 18, then transfers will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and the signature of the parent/guardian is required.

Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________ (BLOCK CAPITALS)

Reason for Transfer: _________________________________________________________, (Including proof if necessary)

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________ Date: ______________

I, ____________________________________________________ (Block letters please) of:_____________________________________________________ (Club)

Certify that the transfer of the above applicant has been □ confirmed □ declined: If declined then reason: _______________________________________________________

Signed: _____________________________ Dated: _____________ Position: ___________

I,I, ____________________________________________________ (Block letters please) of: ____________________________________________________ (Local Area Board)

Certify that the transfer of the above applicant has been sanctioned □ Yes □ No

Signed: _____________________________ Dated: _____________ Position: ________

Appendix 3: Recommended Transfer Regulations Area Boards, 2015 – 2017

1. All transfers at Area Board level must firstly be completed in accordance with the Regulations and Bye-Laws of Basketball Ireland. Article 10 Transfers Within Basketball Ireland.

2. All players wishing to transfer at club level must complete the Basketball Ireland Transfer Form regardless of age.

3. In order to comply with the transfer date deadline, players requesting a transfer must have completed the first section of the transfer form and have it lodged with the Secretary of their Area Board by midnight of the 31st October of the current season.

4. Once a player has been registered with Basketball Ireland and has been issued with a BIPIN the player is considered to be a member of the club he/she has been registered with for transfers purposes. All players, irrespective of age, must be registered with Basketball Ireland.

5. No transfer shall be signed by the assigned representative of the Area Board without all sections of the transfer form being fully completed. The BIPIN must be included on all forms if the player has previously been registered with Basketball Ireland.

6. No transfers shall permitted at Under 12 years and downwards for the seasons 20152016 and 2016 - 2017, this rule to be reviewed by the NABC in January 2017 for the 2017-2018 season.

7. No transfers shall be permitted at U12 and downwards (save for exceptional circumstances such as the player’s family having moved house).

8. When a player transfers form one geographical area to another. The secretary of the outgoing Area Board, when the transfer has been completed, shall send a copy of the transfer form to the secretary of the incoming Area Board.

9. A player shall only be permitted to transfer once in a season.

10. A club can only accept a maximum of 3 incoming players from any one club in a season. If a club caters for both genders, they can accept a maximum of 3 incoming transfers for each gender. At under 16 to under 13 clubs are only permitted to transfer 3 players into any one team.

11. Where a club cannot facilitate a team within their natural age group, Rule 10 above shall apply. The incoming transfer club may not accept more than the maximum 3 players.

12. Where a club becomes defunct prior to the commencement of the season and /or before the 31st October. The players of the club may transfer in complaisance with rule 10 above. The transfer form must be completed with the TRANSFERRING CLUB AUTHORISATION section crossed CLUB DEFUNCT.

13. Should a club become defunct after the 31st October, no players from the club may transfer within the remainder of that season.

14. A player that has transferred during the current season to a club that has become defunct may not transfer for the remainder of the season. Rule 9 shall apply in this instance.

15. All transfers when completed, the assigned representative of the Area board shall forward the forms to the registrar of Basketball Ireland as per Rule 10 E of Basketball Ireland, Regulations & Bye Laws.

16. Where a transfer does not come under the above rules. The secretary of the Area Board in whomever jurisdiction the transfer falls under shall submit the transfer to the National Area Boards Committee (NABC) for their decision.

17. Where an Area Board refuses a players transfer within the rules above or for any other reason. The player having firstly complied with the appeal procedures of their Area Board shall then have the right of appeal to the National Area Board Committee (NABC). The appeal shall be forwarded in writing to the Secretary of the NABC by the player and/or the players intended club within fourteen days (14) of the transfer having been rejected by the appeal committee of their area board.

18. When the secretary of the National Area Boards Committee (NABC) receives an appeal under rule 17 above. The secretary will inform the players Area Board of the receipt of the appeal and set the date for the hearing which shall take place at the next scheduled meeting of the NABC and/or within twenty eight (28) days of the receipt of the appeal. All parties to the appeal shall be entitled to be represented at the hearing.

19. The National Area Boards Committee shall have the right to exercise its judgement and discretion in interpretation of these rules taking into account the best interest of Area Boards, its clubs and its players and/or potential players and Basketball Ireland.

Further Clarification on Underage Regulations:


U11 leagues downwards will be Development Leagues (participation). For competitions up to U11 no score will be displayed. Score sheet will be kept for rotation of players and foul recording.

U12 to U14

Competitive league but the emphasis is still on participation of a minimum of 10 players in the game and on the technical development of the players so rotations are applicable

In terms of fair play, the scoreboard should not show a score difference of greater than 20 at all age levels.

Age Limit & Eligibility:

As per FIBA age limits, all players must be under the age on or after January 1st of the current season

To establish the date of birth corresponding to the age limit for an age group, the following procedure is used; the age of the player must be subtracted from the year in which a competition takes place with the understanding that this year begins on 1st January. E.g. the age limit for U18 in a competition in 2016/2017 shall be: 2017 – 18 = 1999, so any player born on the 1st January 1999 or after this date will be entitled to participate in a competition for U18 in 2016/2017 season.

A player may only play a maximum of 2 grades within her/his age band within their own Area Board competition in any one season. E.g. a player can play U11 and U12 or U11 and U13. She/He cannot play U11, U12 and U13. No U15 player can take part in the BI U – 18 National Cup. No U16 player can take part in Senior National Competition.

Basket Height:

It is recommended that 8.5ft baskets are used up to U12. However it is understood that this is not feasible in all venues and it is acceptable that 10ft baskets are used. In the use of 10ft baskets up to and including U12, the free throw line should be marked 2ft closer to the basket.


To assist the proper technical development of young players, ZONE defence is not allowed up to an including U14 Competition. Following the basic man – to – man principles, each defensive player is responsible for an offensive player.

An imaginary line is created down the centre of the floor from rim to rim. A player must be on the same side of the line as the player they are marking. A player may cross the line to help on a dribble penetration but that player must recover to find his/her player when the ball is passed.

The offending team should be warned on the first incidence and the penalty for non – compliance after the warning is a technical foul awarded to the offending coach. The technical foul should be recorded as a “B” bench technical foul rather than a “C” coach technical foul.

Minimum Number of Players:

The minimum number of players up to and including U14 competition is 10 players. In the event of a team having less than 10 players by the start of the second quarter, the team will lose the game by forfeit (20 – 0) and be awarded 1 point at the start of the game. The other team shall be awarded three points regardless of the final score in the game.

Where two teams have less than 10 players the game is played and each team is awarded 1 point.


Any five players may play in overtime.

Team Numbers:

o U9 – U13: No maximum to the number of players who can play

o U14 Onwards: 12 players can play in any game. If teams have more than 12 players, agreement should be sought between coaches to play more than 12.

Defensive Press:

U11’s U12’s can only press in the 4th Quarter. Teams must retreat to the backcourt after a score or a dead ball in the first three quarters.

U13’s can press in the 2nd half. Teams must retreat to the backcourt after a score or a dead ball in the first half.

U14’s can press for the start of the game.

Teams cannot press if they are winning by 15 points or more.


Backcourt Rule applies o 3, 5, 8 and 24 second rules apply

Time Outs: FIBA Rules Apply


 No 3 pointers recorded upto and including U12 level.

 From U13 upwards FIBA Rules apply

Fouls: FIBA Rules Apply

League Points:

o Win = 3 points o Loss = 1 point o Walkover Received = 3 points o Walkover Given = 0 points o Forfeit a Game = 1 point o Team receiving forfeit = 3 points


 If a team cannot put ten players on the court, the game is played, the team with less than 10 receives 1 point and the other team receives 3 points and the score is recorded as 20 – 0 for league table purposes.

 If a team has 10 or less players on the score sheet and one of their players get injured or fouls out, a sub can be brought on but that player must still not play in all four quarters.

 When a game is forfeited, the final score is irrelevant, league points have been assigned.

Basketball Size:

U9 – U12 Size 5 o U13 – U14 Size 6 o U15 Onwards Girls: Size 6 Boys: Size 7

Coaching Qualifications:

For the 2014/15 Season onwards all Coaches from Under 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 and younger must hold a minimum of an Intro Coaching Qualification. No person will be permitted to coach a team at these age groups unless they have this minimum qualification.

From 2015/16 Season onwards all coaches from Under 15 and older must hold a Level 1 Coaching Qualification.

10/10/2017 09:00