NIBB Match Reports
Letterkenny Blaze v Belfast Star
01/03/20 12:45 pm
09/02 16:30
Letterkenny Blaze 53 - 69 Belfast Star
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09/02/2020 22:56
BC Wolves Classic v Queens Eagles
05/10/19 2:10 pm
05/10 14:10
BC Wolves Classic 60 - 53 Queens Eagles
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07/10/2019 13:36
Mid Ulster Wolves v Newry Flyers
04/10/19 8:10 pm
04/10 20:10
Mid Ulster Wolves 46 - 66 Newry Flyers
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07/10/2019 13:35
Belfast Star v Drogheda Wolves
01/10/19 8:15 pm
01/10 20:15
Belfast Star 83 - 78 Drogheda Wolves
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01/10/2019 23:40
Ulster Elks v Queens BC
01/02/19 7:20 pm
Prem 01/02 19:20
Ulster Elks 69 - 65 Queens BC
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02/02/2019 20:37
Belfast Phoenix BC v Tyrone Towers BC
11/11/18 3:30 pm
U16 Boys 11/11 15:30
Belfast Phoenix BC 49 - 45 Tyrone Towers BC
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17/11/2018 08:00
Tyrone Towers BC v North Star BC
13/01/2018 23:31
Tyrone Towers BC v Newry Flyers
10/12/2017 22:02
Tyrone Towers II v Belfast Phoenix II
10/12/17 2:15 pm
10/12 14:15
Tyrone Towers II 72 - 62 Belfast Phoenix II
Match Photographs
10/12/2017 21:29
Belfast Pumas v Queens Eagles BC
24/10/2017 22:25
Queens Eagles BC v Tyrone Towers II
Queens Eagles will take the scrappy win!
19/10 20:30
Queens Eagles BC 63 - 52 Tyrone Towers II

Queens vs Towers - Thurs 19 Oct 2017

In what turned out to be a scrappy affair, Queens came out on top in this game. From the off, Queens took the lead, pushing the ball and running the plays. This lead to Towers getting into foul trouble in the first quarter. However, they hung in and were only a few baskets down at the end of the first with Gervin showing fight for the Tyrone team.

The second quarter started like the first for Queens, except this time they pushed Towers on both ends of the court. A young Queens team with some rookies in their ranks used good cuts to get easy looks at the basket. The quarter ended with Queens up 11 and seemingly in the driving seat.

The third quarter, however, did not go as planned for the young Belfast side. Some good defense and rebounding limited scores and gave easy fast break points for the Tyrone side even drawing them to within a couple of scores. However, Queens fought back and when they got a hang of the Tyrone zone showed a real know how in breaking it down.

The fourth quarter was scrappy. Even though Queens went up big early on they gave away foul after foul and ended up in early foul trouble. The rest of the quarter was a sequence of turnovers by both teams. The game ended with what seemed a comfortable score line which really wasn’t. Queens will take the W and move on to meet the Pumas next week.

20/10/2017 00:11
Queens Eagles BC v BC Wolves II
A great game fopr the start of the season for QueensDiv v BC Wolves!
05/10 20:30
Queens Eagles BC 57 - 60 BC Wolves II

Queens vs Wolves

Well, that was some start to the season! Queens, coming in under the guidance of Mark McCabe, had a young side, backed up with a few older individuals. The match started with a few steals for the young Queens side but Wolves hit back with several threes. Queens showed great work ethic but Wolves had an edge in terms of rebounding which proved to be Queens Achilles heal.

The second quarter showed glimpses of some good structured play by the young Queens side with play which they can build on throughout the year with a bit more time. Once again Wolves were out rebounding Queens and getting some easy baskets because of it. However, at the end of the second quarter Queens only trailed by a couple of baskets. 28-33

The third quarter is where the home team had most success. They out ran their opponents and with some good cuts by Monz and Smyth they were able to go ahead and take the lead. Wolves kept chipping away, especially in the rebound department. Queens failed to capitalise on the other team getting into foul trouble very early on, by missing several free throws.

Both teams went into the final quarter with a chance of a win for both. Wolves used some of their experience however to get them over the line. They hit several three pointers down the stretch which proved too much for the young Queens side.

Final score 57 - 60

07/10/2017 12:52
Newry Flyers v Queens BC
14/02/17 8:15 pm
14/02 20:15
Newry Flyers 56 - 55 Queens BC
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14/02/2017 23:21
Ballyshannon v Tyrone Towers BC
Ballyshannon shines in win.

Ballyshannon 51 - 37 Tyrone Towers BC
Right from the tip Ballyshannons' T. Duffy showed her experience with a number of great baskets to keep Ballyshannon ticking. E. McRory was leading dungannon with strong moves around the basket. The first qtr ended 15-14 Dungannon. As the second qtr got underway Ballyshannon turned the intensity up a notch and E. Rooney got some great fast break baskets. Dungannon made a good attempt at matching the intensity with D. Mackay hitting some big shots. 2nd qtr finished 30-23 to Ballyshannon. The third qtr was a great shooting display as Ballyshannon struggled to miss a shot with S. McDevitt hitting some crucial baskets. Towers showed great hustle and determination to fight back into the game with L. Barker coming up with some big defensive plays. Final Score 51-37 Ballyshannon.
31/01/2017 12:38
Ballyshannon v Ulster Elks
Elks height proves mismatch.
Elks came into the game boasting a clear height advantage against Ballyshannon. Both teams started the first qtr strong with S. Moyes and E. Rooney scoring the majority of baskets for elks and ballyshannon respectively. First qtr score: 9-9. The second qtr was a different story as elks started to find the mismatches on the floor with L. Devine putting on a strong showing in the post. The second qtr finished 27-18 to Elks. Ballyshannon rallied back with great play from L. Rooney, but Elks proved to have too much height in the interior with great inside play. The third finished 41-24 to Elks. The fourth qtr was much more the same with great interior defence which led to great fastbreak points by B. Mulhern and Maguire. Ballyshannon showed resilience and hustle but elks proved to be too much on the day. Final Score 56-34
30/01/2017 17:26
Ulster Elks v Letterkenny Blaze
Young Elks run away with the Win.

Elks came into the game with a much younger side, both teams matched each other point for point in the first qtr with Maguire and A. Nee leading their teams from the tip. The first qtr ended 7-7. As the second qtr progressed, elks showed their youth on the fast break with A. Callaghan putting on a strong showing. For Blaze, A. Brennan scored some crucial shots in an effort to keep up with Ulster Elks pace. Half Time score: 23-13 to Elks. Elks proved too much to handle in the third and fourth as S. Moyes provided some great baskets to keep Blaze from coming back into the game.

Final Score : 43-25

30/01/2017 17:01
Ballyshannon v Phoenix BC
Phoenix experience shines through.

Ballyshannon 20 - 56 Phoenix BC
As the match tipped off, Phoenix showed that they were the much more experienced team jumping to a 16-4 lead in the first qtr due to the efficient shooting of Hutchinson. Ballyshannon attempted to claw their way back into the game with the strong play of E.Rooney, the second qtr finished 29-10 in favor of Phoenix. The leading team continued scoring with captain C. Brady and contributions from A. Servat to pull away a 18-2 lead in the third. The fourth qtr proved to be the most successful for Ballyshannon as they managed to nearly match Phoenix for points with the composed play of S. Mcdevitt. The final score 56-20 to Phoenix.
30/01/2017 16:12
Tyrone Towers BC v Ballyshannon 88ers
28/01/17 1:30 pm
U14 Girls 28/01 13:30
Tyrone Towers BC 36 - 29 Ballyshannon 88ers
Match Photographs
28/01/2017 23:03
Andersonstown Tigers BC v Letterkenny Blaze
22/01/17 1:30 pm
U16 Boys 22/01 13:30
Andersonstown Tigers BC 54 - 47 Letterkenny Blaze
Tigers U16 Boys took the victory in this highly competitive game. Tigers led 19-11 after the first period and looked to extend their lead in the second, but two late 3s by Blaze saw the Tigers end the second period 32-28 up. Tigers ran into foul trouble in the third and lost Dara to personal fouls, but did extend their lead to 45-38. The fourth period provided equally tight and with just over 2 minutes left, Tigers lost Jack to personal fouls, but the Tigers managed the remaining minutes, seeing out the game 54-47. The win sees the Tigers close the gap to second place Blaze. Great job by coach Scottie and the players.
23/01/2017 15:41
Andersonstown Tigers BC v Letterkenny Blaze
Blaze at Tigers
U14 Girls 22/01 12:00
Andersonstown Tigers BC 35 - 34 Letterkenny Blaze
What a game. Blaze got off to a flyer as they stormed into a 14 point lead early in the first and led 16-4 at the end of the first. Coach Clare changed things up in the second and the Tigers narrowed the gap and trailed 22-13 after the second. Blaze fought back in the third to led 28-19 with two late scores leaving Tigers with it all to do in the fourth period - and what a period it was. Tigers were inspired and roared on by a fantastic home support brought the score back to 34-33 with 23 second left. Tigers then took the lead 35-34 with a few seconds left on the clock, but while on team fouls, gave Blaze the chance to take the lead again. Blaze missed the first and fouled the second leaving Tigers to run the clock for the remaining two seconds for an inspired comeback victory over the previously undefeated Blaze.
23/01/2017 15:37
Ulster Elks v Belfast Star
18/01/17 8:15 pm
Prem 18/01 20:15
Ulster Elks 102 - 85 Belfast Star
Match Photographs
18/01/2017 22:29
Omagh Thunder BC v BC Wolves
15/12 20:15
Omagh Thunder BC 60 - 91 BC Wolves

The Thunder hosted the red hot BC Wolves (4W-2L) at the Station Centre last Thursday with the Wolves coming off a 40 point victory over Queens the previous week. Omagh have had mixed fortunes this season and were without their three usual big men Kerlin, Weir and Bartoska.

The Wolves got out to a fast start with Sekstins hitting 3 pointers and Bartkus dominating the key area hoovering up offensive rebounds for easy scores.

Ciaran Weber was playing well on the offensive end for the Thunder with Charlie McKinney and Dermot Gillan contributing from behind the arc to get Omagh going. Wolves however, took a big lead into the halftime break 25-39.

The Thunder offense improved in the 3rd quarter dropping in 21 points behind more impressive scores from Weber including 8 in a row to end the quarter. Wolves could not be slowed down though as they used their height to great advantage under the basket for more easy put-back scores from rebounds.

Aidan Bradley and Padraig Donovan hit some jump shots in the fourth but Bartkus was still unstoppable for Wolves and held off any comeback attempts late in the game.

The game ended with a 31 point deficit and the Thunder (2W-3L) needing to regroup in the new year to climb their way back up the league table.

Ciaran Weber took the Omagh match MVP honors with 16 points.

20/12/2016 22:56
Queens BC v Ulster Elks
Elks prove their class!
Prem 10/11 20:15
Queens BC 57 - 85 Ulster Elks

Queens came into the game with nearly a full compliment of players and it showed in the first half with Queens going on a 17-2 run to start the game. Good play from McCabe and Graces on the outside allowed space for Kazlauskas and Tumelty around the basket. Elks may have started slow but after making a few changes and bringing on several national league players there class started to show. Queens still maintained the tempo and went in 19-14 up.

The second quarter started as fast paced as the first with queens pushing hard to try and stop Elks before they got into full flow and to an extent it worked however offensively scores were beginning to dry. This was not helped by Graces getting injured with what seemed a nasty knee injury. Queens maintained there composure however, to go in six points up at half time.

In the third quarter Elks came out firing with Michael Dougherty hitting several shots in a row. This was compounded by the Elks American hitting a purple patch. The arrival of Danny Stewart helped to stem the tide however, even with all the great defense Elks were finding pockets of space to get there shot of. The quarter ended with Elks being up 11.

At the start of the fourth Queens tried to fight back however, the class of McDonald and Koppenhauer shone through. With injuries to McCabe and Tumelty and a foul out for Dillion Queens were down to the bare minimum and limped to the finish line. The game ended 85-57 to the elks.

Queens can come away feeling like they let that game slip and that it was a good showing against what was predominantly a national league side.

Top scorer

Queens Kazlauskas 12

Elks Koppenhauer 29

02/12/2016 14:40
Belfast Star v Queens BC
Star take the sting out of queens
Prem 22/11 20:30
Belfast Star 78 - 75 Queens BC
02/12/2016 14:39
Ballyshannon v Donegal Town
Ballyshannon win buzzer shot game

Ballyshannon 49 - 46 Donegal Town

Ballyshannon V Donegal Town

In the tightest game of the day so far, no team were ever more than 4 ahead as the led changed over 20 times during the game.

Qtr 1 The game started as it finished, very tight with the Donegal playing a tough zone and Ballyshannon pressing, A Campbell led the charge for Donegal as all 5 starters scored for Ballyshannon. 10-9 to Donegal

Qtr 2 The Ballyshannon press create more turnovers as Donegal tired, E Rooney capatalised with some strong drives to the bucket. 25-21 to Ballyshannon

Qtr 3 Donegal kept the ball safe in the third quarter which cut Ballyshannon chances and M Breslin finished off some important baskets to get the game all square. 35 each

Qtr 4 The lead changed several times E Rooney again came up big with the last 7 points, Donegal had a chance to square the game with a 3 on the buzzer but the shot rattled and popped out.

49-46 to Ballyshannon MVP E Rooney (Create a lot of turnovers and was relentless going to the basket)

27/11/2016 17:49
Queens BC v Donegal Town
Queens hold of Donegal Town

Queens BC 48 - 45 Donegal Town

Queens v Donegal Town- The game was immensely tight all the way through J Drumond led the more experienced Queens to close win.

Qtr 1 Queens burst out to a led by scoring tough inside shots with reverse pivots and baby hooks, 13-9 to Queens.

Qtr 2 Donegal attempted to push the tempo and speed up the pace as Queens maintained the small lead 24-20

Qtr 3 Donegal kept pushing on the fastbreak as D Ward scored 3 in a row but everytime Queens ran the clock and slowed the pace against Donegal’s zone 36-32 Queens.

Qtr 4 C Cougulin shot Donegal to an even game as she scored from distance and took it to the basket strong but M Le Houerou finished the game with a beautiful running floater where she took the foul and finished the shot. Queens win 48-45 MVP J Drumond (Controlled the game perfectly for the Queens players)

27/11/2016 17:48
Tyrone Towers BC v LYIT
LYIT host Towers to Letterkenny

Tyrone Towers BC 30 - 40 LYIT

LYIT V Towers- Towers had their first game in the league against a team that played very well in the first blitz and although Towers started slow, they finished very strong

Qtr 1 LYIT burst off the blocks as E Irwin showed an array of post moves which ended with Towers having a number of players in early foul trouble, unfortunately LYIT could convert many of the free throws and didn’t capitalise. LYIT 10-7

Qtr 2 Towers begin the settle into the game as D Mackey starts to sink the outside shots and well has play tight physical defence. LYIT 22-16

Qtr 3 Towers make a big push scoring the first 5 points to get the game to 1 point but P. Lestinska her diversity as the tallest player on the court is able to rebound and dribble coast to coast on numerous occasions to put pressure on Towers. LYIT 33-21

Qtr 4 R Barker matches LYIT for fast breaks and scores 3 lay-ups in a row but the lead is too large and the foul trouble catches up to Towers. LYIT 40-30 MVP E Irwin (Superb defensive performance)

27/11/2016 17:47
Letterkenny Blaze v LYIT
LYIT win home derby!!

Letterkenny Blaze 44 - 50 LYIT

Queens v Donegal Town- The game was immensely tight all the way through J Drumond led the more experienced Queens to close win.

Qtr 1 Queens burst out to a led by scoring tough inside shots with reverse pivots and baby hooks, 13-9 to Queens.

Qtr 2 Donegal attempted to push the tempo and speed up the pace as Queens maintained the small lead 24-20

Qtr 3 Donegal kept pushing on the fastbreak as D Ward scored 3 in a row but everytime Queens ran the clock and slowed the pace against Donegal’s zone 36-32 Queens.

Qtr 4 C Cougulin shot Donegal to an even game as she scored from distance and took it to the basket strong but M Le Houerou finished the game with a beautiful running floater where she took the foul and finished the shot. Queens win 48-45 MVP J Drumond (Controlled the game perfectly for the Queens players)

27/11/2016 17:44
Phoenix BC v Belfast Star
Belfast Phoenix Battle Valiantly Against A Superior Belfast Star Team
U14 Boys 20/11 15:30
Phoenix BC 19 - 70 Belfast Star

Marty Sherlock brought his Belfast Star team to MCB on the back of recent wins over title rivals Queens and Letterkenny Blaze.

Belfast Phoenix's boys had a difficult first game of the season against Queens a month ago when the squad's inexperience was highlighted - despite the never say die attitude of the boys.

Ahead of the game on Sunday Belfast Phoenix had been putting in some valuable training led by Coaches Oisin and James - and despite the 51-point differential in the final result on Sunday - everyone who had seen both of Belfast Phoenix's games agreed that significant progress had been made since the Queens game.

Star's victory was never in doubt as they won the first quarter by 10 points and the 2nd qtr by 11 points. They dominated the 3rd quarter winning it 21-3 and although Belfast Phoenix reined their rivals in a little in the 4th qtr (losing it by just 10 points) - giving Star an easily won third fixture if their season and sending them to the top of the BNI U14 league.

D Ferguson top-scored for Belfast Star with 20 points. I Alvarado took both MVP voted for the Star team.

C Keys top-scored for Belfast Phoenix with 6 points. Keys got one MVP vote - R Lindsay got the other MVP vote.

21/11/2016 22:24
Newry Flyers v C.B. Eagles BC
15/11/16 8:15 pm
15/11 20:15
Newry Flyers 51 - 45 C.B. Eagles BC
Match Photographs
15/11/2016 23:07