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1.1 The name of Board shall be the Dublin Men’s Basketball Board, hereinafter referred as The Board.

1.2 The Board is an integral part of the Basketball Ireland and Basketball Ireland Regulations to which all Clubs, Teams, Officials, Coaches and Administrators are bound.

1.3 The Board shall have jurisdiction in the county and City of Dublin and in such areas as is assigned to it by Basketball Ireland.

1.4 The duty of the Board shall be to promote, encourage and regulate the playing of Basketball for men and boys in the areas under its’ jurisdiction.

1.5 Any matter which may arise and is not covered by the existing Rules and Regulations the Executives of the DMBB shall have the power to deal with and decide the matter.


2.1 The Board shall consist of an Executive Committee and one representative of each affiliated club.

2.2 The Executive of the Board for shall consist of a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer/Registrar, a Competitions Administrator.

2.3 The affairs of the Board are administered by the Executive Committee.

2.4 The Executive shall be the legal owners of all trophies, monies and properties of the Board and shall deal with it according to the directions of the Board.

2.5 Ex-gratia payments, as agreed by the Executive, shall be paid each year to all officers of the Executive.

2.6 All members of the Executive are entitled to claim for expenses incurred (with receipt) in the course of their Committee duties.


3.1 The Board shall meet not less than three times in each playing season in addition to the annual general meeting and the fixture meetings. Dates for the meetings will be set by the Executive.

3.2 A quorum at any meeting of the Board shall be one third of the affiliated Clubs and at least 2 members of the Executive Committee. One delegate only per club may vote/speak at the meeting. The signing delegate is considered to be the spokesperson and the person eligible to vote on behalf of the club.

3.3 Voting at all meetings of the Board shall be by a simple majority of the delegates present and voting. In the case of a tie the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

3.4 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May of each year.

3.4.1 The Board members will be given one months’ notice, in writing, of time, date, venue and agenda of the AGM.

3.4.2 All motions and nominations for the AGM must be sent in writing, to the Secretary 2 weeks in advance of the AGM.

3.5 The Annual General Meeting shall receive reports from the Executive, including a statement of account, and shall elect the incoming Executive.

3.6 Each affiliated Club shall be entitled to send one delegate to the AGM. An affiliate club participating in both senior and underage may have an additional delegate at the AGM, each delegate shall have voting rights.

3.7 Special General meeting of the Board shall be called by Basketball Ireland, the Executive on its own initiative or at the request of at least seven clubs. The purpose of such a meeting must be stated and all affiliated clubs must get not less than ten days’ notice of the meeting.

3.8 If a Club fails to have a representative at any meeting of the Board, it shall be fined the sum of €100.00. Any club who sends an apology in advance of the meeting shall have the fine reduced to €50 for nonattendance.
3.8.1 A club signed in for a Board meeting is deemed to have received all information and the information has been communicated in full to the club

3.8.2 A club not in attendance at a board meeting, information from the meeting is available on request.


4.1 In order to take part in competitions organized by the Board, each club must affiliate to the Board. All applications from new clubs must be received by the Secretary of the DMBB by 30 June each season. (This deadline is subject to the discretion of the executive).

All existing clubs will be notified of all new applications to the league prior to the first meeting of the season. If any club has an objection to a new club being ratified they should notify the Secretary of the DMBB with their specific objection at least 7 days prior to the first meeting of the season. Any objection will be discussed prior to the New Club ratification.

4.1.2 All new clubs will be proposed by the Executive to the Board for ratification. The ratification process is a vote of all members present at the meeting

4.1.3Affiliations from teams who have failed to honour their financial commitments to the DMBB in the previous season will not be accepted for the current season until all outstanding monies are received

4.2 The affiliation fee for Club is set annually by the Executive.

4.3 Clubs entering League Competitions must also pay a bond. The bond is returned to the Club at the end of the season, unless, one or more of its teams do not complete its league programme. The Bond is set annually by the Executive.

4.4 In order to participate in Irish Basketball, including Dublin Competitions, clubs must affiliate and register their Club and all individual players with Basketball Ireland

4.5 All clubs applying for membership of the Dublin Mens Basketball Board agree to all their members and coaches being bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Board and by any decision taken by the Board meetings.


5.1 To participate in Dublin Competitions each player must be registered with The Board. Players will only be registered when confirmation of their application, signed by the DMBB Registrar, is received by the Club Secretary. Payment of registration in itself is not a guarantee of competition entry.

5.2 All players participating in Senior competitions must pay the senior fee – irrespective of age.

5.2.1 Underage players may play in both underage and senior grades providing that:
a) They are registered on each team they intend to play with
b) They have played more than one game before the 31 December of that season with the senior team in question
c) Underage players may play in both underage and senior provided they are aged over 16 years
d) Underage players may only play for one team if his club has two teams in the same age group.

5.3 To play in the DMBB Under 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18 leagues a player must be Under 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18 years of age on the 1st January of the year following the start of the season.

5.4 Registration fees for Dublin Competitions become due not later than 14 days prior to playing ones first game. (See appendix 1 for fees)

5.5 Additional players (not requiring transfers) may be registered at any time throughout the season by forwarding the players name together with the required fee, to the Registrar of the Board. Players may only be registered on the official registrations form must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

5.6 At senior level, three categories of player will be recognized by the Dublin Board and noted on the registration form.

5.6.1 Category 1 player are players who have been resident in Ireland for fifteen or more years preceding their first registration with the Board. (A year for residency purposes shall normally mean a continuous period of 250 days or more). Burden of proof with regard to residency shall lie with the applicant and his Club.

5.6.2 Category 2 players are any players not included in Category 1 who:-
a) Have not in the past, nor presently hold a Super/National League Licence.
b) Maintain amateur status receiving no remuneration or benefit in kind for the playing, coaching or management of any basketball team, club or education institution. Burden of poof with regard to amateur status shall lie with the applicant and his Club.

5.6.3 Category 3 players are any players not included in Category 1 or 2.

5.7 The Executive of the Board shall reserve the right to preclude Category 3 players from Senior Competitions. The Spirit of this regulation is to maintain the amateur ethos of the competitions organized by the Board for non-national league teams.

5.8 Should a Club play a player who is not registered with both Basketball Ireland and the Dublin Men’s Board, it shall be liable to a fine of €25.00 per such player or suspension or both. The club shall also forfeit the game involved. In league competition, the points for the game will be awarded to the opposing team and no points will be awarded to the defaulting team. In cup/championship competition(s) the defaulting team will be removed from the competition.

5.9 Any Premier/National League Club with a team in Dublin division one will be permitted to name four under 22 players who may play with division one team for the season.

5.10 Any category one player who is licensed to play in the National League may also play in Dublin Competitions for his Club. However, such players must be clearly specified at the start of the league and any such player who plays more than twice for the National League Team, loses his Dublin competitions status and may then only play for the National League Team. These players shall be identified upon registration.

5.11 In Dublin League a player may play two games in a higher Division without losing his lower division status.

5.12 In the Dublin Senior competition a player may only play for one of his Club’s Teams in any one League or Cup.

5.13 Underage players may play in both underage and senior competition subject to the underage rules of Basketball Ireland.


All regarding of Senior Leagues players shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee


7.1 All transfers at Area Board level must firstly be completed in accordance with the Regulations and Bye-Laws of Basketball Ireland. Article 10 Transfers with Basketball Ireland

7.1.1 All players wishing to transfer at club level must complete the Basketball Ireland Transfer Form regardless of age.

The Transfer Form must be submitted to the Registrar of the DMBB before he can be licensed to play with another league team. When a player requests to be released from a club, the club must sign this form within 5 days or provide a written reason to the DMBB Registrar as to why this player should not be released

7.1.2 All players changing Clubs must apply for a transfer regardless of the time which has elapsed since the player left his previous Club. Before signing a transfer, all clubs will satisfy themselves that the player has fulfilled his obligations and commitments to the club. Failure to comply fully with this rule will result in a refusal by the DMBB to approve this transfer.

7.1.3 In order to comply with the transfer date deadline, players requesting a transfer must have completed the first section of the transfer form in full and lodged with the Registrar of the DMBB by 9pm of 31st October of the current season.

7.1.4 All players, irrespective of age, must be registered with Basketball Ireland

7.1.5 No transfer shall be signed by the assigned representative of the Area Board without all sections of the transfer form being fully completed. The BIPIN must be included on all forms if the player has previously been registered with Basketball Ireland

7.1.1 All transfers must be sanctioned by the Executive Committee of the DMBB.

7.2 If a player from a club, which is no longer registered with Basketball Ireland, is seeking a transfer, he must receive written clearance from the Area Board to which the club was affiliated

7.3 If there is a dispute on player clearance, the clubs involved must write to the Registrar outlining why the player is not being cleared. Until such time as the Registrar is satisfied that the issue is resolved, the player will not be issued a transfer. If the club contesting the transfer does not make a written submission, the transfer will be approved.

7.4 If a club or Area Board objects to the transfer of a player, a written submission outlining the reasons must be sent to the Registrar. A copy of this letter must also be sent to the player in question.

7.5 In the event of a transfer(s) being in dispute between Clubs or the Executive feel it is not in the best interest of basketball in Dublin to approve the transfer(s) the matter shall be brought before the Appeals Council and their decision is final.

7.6 When a player transfers from one geographical area to another, the Secretary of the outgoing Area Board, when the transfer has been completed, shall send a copy of the transfer from to the Secretary of the incoming Area Board

7.7 A club can only accept a maximum of 3 incoming players from any one club in a season. If a club caters for both genders, they can accept a maximum of 3 incoming transfers for each gender. At under 16 to under 13 clubs are only permitted to transfer 3 players into any one team.

7.8 A player shall only be permitted to transfer once in a playing season.

7.9 The closing date for all transfers is 9pm on the 31st October of the current season.

7.10 If another Area Board objects to the transfer of a player under their jurisdiction the matter shall be referred to the National Area Board Committee for adjudication.

7.11 All transfers when completed, the assigned representative of the Area Board shall forward the forms to the Registrar of Basketball Ireland as per Rule 10E of Basketball Ireland, Regulations and Bye Laws.

7.12 Where a transfer does not come under the above rules, the secretary of the Area Board in whom ever jurisdiction the transfer falls under shall submit the transfer to the National Area Boards Committee (NABA) for their decision.

7.13 Where an Area Board refuses a players transfers within the rules above or for any other reason, the player having firstly complied with the appeal procedures of their Area Board shall then have the right of appeal to the National Area Board Committee (NABC). The appeal shall be forwarded in writing to the Secretary for the NABC by the player and/or the players intended club with fourteen days(14) of the transfer having been rejected by the appeal committee of their area board.

7.14 When the Secretary of the National Area Boards Committee receives an appeal under rule 7.13 above. The Secretary will inform the players Area Board of the receipt of the appeal and set the date for the hearing which shall take place at the next scheduled meeting of the NABC and /or with twenty eight days of the receipt of the appeal. All parties to the appeal shall be entitled to be represented at the hearing.

7.15 The National Area Boards Committee shall have the right to exercise its judgement and discretion in interpretation of these rules taking into account the best interest of Area Boards, its clubs and its players and/or potential players and Basketball Ireland.


8.1 The Coach of each team in Dublin must be registered with the Board

8.2 The registration fee of will be collected with the player registration fees.

8.3, All Coaches must attain the Foundation Award Certification within a season (April) of the season to which the Coach is first registered with the Board. Thereafter, the Coach Award will be the minimum certification required for any Coach up to and including Under 15 Level.

8.3.1 Exceptions to rule 8.3 may be granted by the Executive to established or foreign coaches on application to the Registrar. Applications must be made in writing and received at least 14 days prior to any official game that said Coach intends to participate in.

8.4 Failure to comply with rules 8.3 & 8.3.1 will incur a fine of up to €130.00 per coach for the Club concerned.


9.1 The Dublin Officials Association (DOA) will appoint Referees to games as agreed by the DMBB and DOA.

9.2 Where Referees have not been appointed by the DOA, the two teams are each responsible for the provision of one DOA and BI registered qualified referee. If a team does not provide a referee the defaulting team must pay the referee
Failure to provide such a referee will result in a fine of €25.00 per game or the game maybe null and void at the discretion of the Executive.

9.3 By the 4th September every team in an appointed league must have an active, available, registered official with the DOA and BI. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in suspension from all DMBB competitions. Games which are scheduled while a team is under suspension will be forfeited. Teams who forfeit two games will be removed from DMBB competitions. This does not apply to underage teams who forfeit because they do not have 10 players.

9.3.1 To be considered an active official, a referee must be available to officiate at least one DOA appointed game per week

9.3.2 An active official must be aged 16 years or older

9.3.3 Teams that do not have an active official will not be admitted into the league.

9.3.4 An active official may only represent a team within the DMBB and not also with the DLBB

9.4 Under no circumstances shall the registered coach or registered player of a team or coach named on the score-sheet officiate on behalf of that team, unless otherwise agreed by both teams.


10.1 The Home Team is responsible for the provisions of a score sheet, clock, and team foul-markers and directional arrow in its own gymnasium. Failure to provide it will result in a fine of €30.00

10.2 Each team is responsible for providing a competent table official for games.


11.1 Each Club shall provide a gymnasium for its’ home league and cup games in the Dublin jurisdiction

11.2 Where a Club does not have access to a gymnasium in the Dublin jurisdiction for league or cup game it may, with the agreement of the opposing team, arrange it’s home fixture at the opposition’s gymnasium.

11.3 Senior, Under 20 and U18 games will be played on full-sized courts. Under 17, Under 16, Under 15, Under 14, Under 13, Under 12 and Under 11 games may be played in smaller Gymnasium, subject to approval of the Executive.

11.4 In order to use a gymnasium for its’ home games, a Club must:
a) Arrange a suitable time for the gymnasium to be inspected by the Executive of the Board
b) Produce documentary evidence that the Club has a public liability policy with an indemnity of lest €1,000,000


12.1 Affiliation to the Dublin Board gives automatic entry to the Dublin Leagues and Dublin Cup competitions. In addition, participating in the Dublin League may lead to qualification in the Top Four Championship. To play in the Cup/Top Fours, players must be playing in league games, the intention is that the Cup is for the teams and players playing in the relevant league.

12.2 Trophies will be awarded to winners and runners-up in all Dublin Board Competitions. Perpetual trophies must be returned to the Executive on or before the date of the January Board meeting. Failure to comply with this will result in a fine of €50.00. If trophies are not returned by the end of January the fine will be increased to €100.


13.1 The Dublin League is organized on a home away basis each division where possible will comprise of eight to ten teams.

13.2 The Senior League will consist of five divisions. Three are also under age leagues at Under 20, Under 18, Under 17, Under 16, Under 15, Under 14, Under 13, Under 12 and Under 11 Levels.

13.3. In the senior leagues, the league standings for the previous season are used as a guideline for the composition of the coming season leagues and normally the top two teams in any division are promoted to the next higher division and the bottom teams are relegated to the next lower division.

13.4 Notwithstanding the previous regulation, the composition of the leagues shall be at the discretion of the Executive, and teams may find themselves in divisions other than those applied for the time of entry.

13.5 The following points will be awarded for all league games:

a) Game Played: Winning Team – 3 Points, Losing Team - 1 Point
b) Walkover: Team Present – 3 Points, Defaulting Team – 0 Points
c) Forfeit: 3 points to the team receiving the forfeit, 0 points to the team forfeiting the game
d) Unplayed games: no points to either team.

13.6 The Team with the greatest number of points at the conclusion of the League will be declared Champions in each Division. Any Teams who end level on points at the conclusion of the league program will have a table of results between the teams drawn up, as per FIBA classification for tied placings. Under 12 and 11 will be jointly awarded the league if tied.

13.7 If a team withdraws from or is expelled from, any league then all games involving that team will be considered null and void and will not be included in the complication of any league table.

13.8 Any team who gives two walkovers in any league is automatically expelled from that league unless the second walkover is the team’s last game of the league.

13.8.1 Any team claiming a walkover must do so within 7 days of the original date of the fixture or re fixture and send a copy of the walkover claim to the opposition. Any walkovers claimed after 7 days will not be awarded and the game will stand as an unplayed game.

13.9 Top Four Championship games will not decide the league position of teams finishing on equal points unless agreed by the Executive and both teams.

14. CUPS

14.1 The Cup competitions shall be on a knock-out basis with one draw being made at the start of the competition. The structure of the Cup will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee

14.1.1 Play-by dates for each round of all cups will be set by the Executive

14.1.2 Teams not fulfilling cup fixtures by the set play-by dates will be fined €150 and or removed from the competition.

14.2 The Senior, Intermediate and Junior Semi-finals and finals of the Cup Competitions, and the underage finals of the Cup Competitions will be organized by the Executive at a Gymnasium booked directly by the Board. All other games will take in the gymnasium of the first named team in any pairing.


15.1 At the end of the Leagues, the Top Four Teams in the Senior Divisions, including under 20, shall qualify for play-offs which will be held in April

15.2 These top four play-offs are known as `The Dublin Championships’

15.3 The Championships in each Division will be organised on a semi-final and final basis. In the semi-finals the team who came first will play the team which came fourth, and the team who came second will play the team which came third.

15.4 In cases where teams are level on points after the Dublin League is completed, positions for qualification will be decided by this table.

15.4.1 A league table of the games between the tied teams will be prepared. The order of qualification will be decided by this table.

15.4.2 If teams are still tied, then the total number of points for, less the total number against in games involving the tied teams, decides.

15.4.3 If teams are still tied after this procedure, play-offs will be organised between the teams concerned.

15.5 It should be emphasised that article 15.4 is for Dublin Championship purposes only and that article 13.6 deal with the position at the end of the leagues.


16.1 League matches are arranged at the fixture meeting prior to the start of the season. Teams will be given play-by dates at this meeting.

16.1.1 Clubs with a number of teams competing in the leagues must send one delegate per team to the Annual Fixture Meeting to facilitate speedier making of fixtures, failure to do this will result in a fine of €50.00 per team not represented.

16.1.2 Separate fixture meetings will be held for Senior and Underage leagues.

16.2 Starting times for weeknight games should normally be between 19.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs while Saturday and Sunday games should normally be between 11.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs. Minor teams: Under 18. 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, and 11 can play on weekday evenings if agreed by both teams.

16.3 Any fixture to be included in the appointments for DOA must be submitted in writing to the Competitions Administrator by the 10th of the previous month.

16.4The Executive is determined to deal with the problems associated with fixture changes and the regulations outlined below should be followed by all Clubs seeking such changes.

16.5 A request for a change of fixture including underage will not be granted – unless, the gym is unavailable. The Fixture Secretary must receive a letter from the gym manager to this effect. Failure to do so will result in a walkover being awarded to the visiting team and a fine of €150 being imposed. A fee of €25 must accompany any request for a change of fixture.

16.5.1 The date of the re-fixed game must accompany the letter confirming the unavailability of the Gym. Failure to do so will result in a walkover being awarded to the visiting team. If the fixture is in the first half of the season the re-fixed date must be in the first half of the season

16.5.2 The Fixture Secretary must receive written confirmation 20 day prior to the re-scheduled date of any fixture to which referees are appointed by the DOA. Appointed games may only be re-fixed once. Non-appointed games may be re-scheduled within the 20 day period.

16.5.3 At least half of a team’s games must be played by the 31st December in any one season. Failure to do so will result in a fine of €100.00.

16.5.4 Games un-played by the last day of the season as set out by the board at the fixtures meeting will result in no points being awarded to either team unless one team claims a walkover as per rule 13.8.1

16.6 It should be emphasized that the procedures above do not change the principle that the competitions secretary is the only person empowered to make changes in the fixture list.


17.1 The home team will also be responsible for correctly completing the following information on the official Basketball Ireland score-sheet:- a) Competition, b) Home Team, c) Away Team, d) Place, e) Date, f) Time. Failure to provide a correctly completed score-sheet will result in an automatic fine of €50.00.

17.2 In all competitions teams may consist of 12 players all of whom may play in the games.

17.3 Ten minutes before the start of the game, the starting five players must be identified to the scorer.

17.4 If a team is not on court, ready to play, within fifteen minutes of the scheduled starting time, then a walk-over will be awarded to the team that is present.

17.5 Any team who gives a walkover will be responsible for the hire cost of the gym and referees fee. Home Team must inform the Administrator of the Board of such cases.

17.6 Timing regulations for all games are subject to DOA regulations which are as follows:

Time available for Match Each Quarter Time between Half-Time
90 Minutes or More 10 Mins 1 Mins 5 Mins
70 Mins – 80 Mins 9 Mins 1 Mins 5 Mins
60 Mins – 70 Mins 8 Mins 1 Mins 5 Mins
45 Mins – 60 Mins 7 Mins 1 Mins 5 Mins

Less than 45 Mins NO GAME

17.7 The Clock will be stopped for all matches as per FIBA Rules.

17.8 Extra periods for all matches will take place as per FIBA Rules.

17.9 At Under 15 Level, and below matches may be shortened to 8 Minutes per Quarter, with the agreement of both teams.

17.10 It is hoped that all matches will begin on time. If for any reason the start of a game is delayed, the Referee shall be guided by article 17.6 in deciding the length of the match, or whether it shall be postponed.

17.11 Where circumstances cause the shortening of a game, a team cannot refuse to play. However, if the team has a complaint then the captain should sign the score-sheet “Under protest” prior to the start of the game and subsequently make the team’s protest as outlined in article 20.1.2.

17.12 It is the intention of the Board that wherever possible a game shall take place. However, it recognizes that circumstances other than time constraints may arise from time to time and cause a game to be affected.

17.13 The Referee has the final decision with regard to a game going ahead or not. The Referee must be satisfied that the venue is safe. Every effort should be made by the home team to overcome the difficulties but if the situation cannot be made safe for player for players and officials then the game can be postponed.

17.14 If a game starts at a venue but is then disrupted for any reason (other than condensation on the floor), the following procedure will apply:

17.14.1 If the reason for the disruption has been overcome within 10 minutes of its occurrence, the game can and should resume.

17.14.2 If the game cannot be resumed then the time elapsed and the score at the time of the disruption shall be noted on the score-sheet by the referee. The score-sheet must accompany the Referee’s report on the disruption.

17.14.3 The Executive of the Board, after considering the Referee’s report on the game, will offer the following options to the teams:- The first option is that if teams agree the score at the time of the disruption, this score shall stand as the result of the game. The second options is that if both teams agree the match shall be re-started from scratch. If neither of the two options above have been agreed by the two teams, then the match shall be resumed at the point at which it was disrupted at a venue and on a date to be decided by the Executive. The Executive, based on the Referees report, and any other information it receives, shall decide on costs for the game.

17.15 In the particular case of condensation being the cause of the disruption, the following procedure replaces article 17.14.1 above:-

17.15.1 On the first occurrence of condensation which interferes with play, the Referee shall stop the game and allow 10 minutes to the home team to obviate the problem. On the second occurrence of condensation the Referee must abandon the game.

17.15.2 The procedures outlined in articles,, and will also be followed in the case of disruption by condensation.

17.16 At the end of the game, the home team shall be responsible for the return of the score-sheet to the Competitions Secretary. Failure to return the score-sheet within SEVEN Days of the game shall result in a fine of €50.00. If the score-sheet is not with the Competitions Secretary by the last day of the season, this will result in three points being awarded to the away team and 0 points to the home team.


18.1 Team are required to wear matching uniforms, which are correctly numbered. Acceptable numbers are 00 – 99.

18.1.2 Only matching uniform shorts will be allowed. The DOA has the right to preclude any player or players from the game for breach of rule 18.1.

18.2 In the event of a colour clash, the home teams shall change.


19.1 The Executive shall be responsible for all disciplinary matters pertaining to the competitions organized by the Board. The Executive shall subject to these Regulations, have the power to discipline any Club or individual in connection with the activities of the Board.

19.2 Individuals may be fined or suspended for any matter pertaining to the Dublin Competitions as decided by the Executive.

19.3 Players and Coaches are asked to note that the Executive will deal harshly with cases of dissent involving Referees.

19.4 Serious abuse of match officials on social media forums can be subject to disciplinary actions

19.5 When a player or member of coaching staff is disqualified from a game they automatically receive 14 penalty points and the DMBB Disciplinary Committee will review the case and determine if more penalty points will be added to this total.

19.6 The exception being when the disqualification is for two unsportsmanlike fouls or two technical fouls.. In such a case the player or coach will receive 10 penalty points and the case will only be referred to the disciplinary committee if so decided by the DMBB Executive

19.7 Disciplinary matters will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee by the DMBB Executive arising from referees reports; match commissioner’s reports; written complaints; recommendations from the DOA.

19.8 Disciplinary action in respect of automatic penalty points will have immediate effect.

19.9 A system of cumulative penalty points will be maintained and a one-match suspension is automatic when a person reaches 20 points, 30 points is a two-match suspension and so on for each subsequent 10 points.

19.10 The cumulative penalty points shall remain in effect for one calendar year from the date of the incident leading to the points being assigned. In the case of an incident leading to a suspension for longer than one year, cumulative penalty points shall remain in effect for duration at the discretion of the DMBB Disciplinary Committee

19.11 The following procedure shall apply where a player or coach has been disqualified:

19.11.1 The Referee will send a written report to the Secretary.

19.11.2 The Club will send a written report to the Secretary to arrive within 7 days of the game. This club report may include individual statements from the disqualified individuals.

19.11.3 Any disciplinary matters arising from a match will be dealt with by two or more members of Disciplinary Committee within 28 days of receiving the report.

19.11.4 Any disciplinary action decided by the Disciplinary Committee will take effect seven days after the date of the decision has been taken.

19.12 It should be emphasized that the onus is on the club and/or the individuals concerned to make a written report as outlined in article 19.6.2.

19.13 Clubs may also be fined or suspended for any matter pertaining to the Dublin Competitions, as decided by the Executive. In particular, clubs will be disciplined for failure to pay monies due to the Board by the date specified.

19.14 When a club is being suspended, it will be suspended for a specific length of time. The club, if it is to be re-instated, will only be re-instated after that specific time has been completed.

19.15 During the suspension of a club, no points shall be awarded to that Club for any games on the fixture lists for the teams of the club and the opponents in such games will be awarded wins.

19.16 If the Club is not re-instated within thirty days of the date of its original suspension, it shall be withdrawn from all competitions and regulation 13.7 will apply to the Leagues.

19.17 After the thirty day period, a club, when re-instated, shall not be allowed to take part in any competition which was in progress on the date of its suspension.

19.18 In the event of a Club going out of existence owing money to the Board, the registered players of that Club will each be required to pay a maximum of one sixth of the debt due before being allowed to register with any other affiliated Club.


20.1 In the event of either Club involved in a game under the jurisdiction of the Board wishing to appeal the decision of that game, the following procedure shall apply:-

20.1.1 The aggrieved Club shall sign the score-sheet under protest where provided on the official score-sheet at the end of the game.

20.1.2 The aggrieved Club must notify the Secretary of the Board and the Secretary of the other Club involved in the game and the Secretary of the Dublin Officials Association within 7 days of the date of the game with its reasons for appealing the game. This appeal must be accompanied by a fee of €130.00.

20.1.3 The Executive shall consider the appeal and may request clarification of any points arising in the appeal either from the Dublin Officials Association or from any other Club or person who may be able to assist the Board in connection with this appeal.

20.1.4 The Executive shall notify the Secretary of the Club in question and the Secretary of the Dublin Officials Association and any other relevant party of its decision within 14 days of its meeting.

20.1.5 On receipt of the decision of the Executive, any Club may appeal to the Appeals Council of the Board within 7 days of receipt by it of the decision of the Executive. This appeal must be accompanied by a fee of €130.00. If an oral hearing is requested the request must accompany this appeal.

20.1.6 The Secretary of the Board shall then notify the Appeals Council of the appeal and forward any written submissions they wish to make to the Appeals Council, if the appellant club requires an oral hearing the request must accompany this notice. The appellant Club or individual may make a written submission in relation to the rule which they feel has not been applies correctly.

20.1.7 If an oral hearing is requested by either party, the Appeals Council will then notify both the Board and the appealing Club or individual when the date for the hearing has been fixed. Both the Board and the Club shall be entitled to be represented at this hearing.

20.1.8 When the Appeals Council has made its decision, it shall notify the Secretary as soon as possible, with a short explanation of its decision. In turn the Secretary of the DMBB will immediately inform the appellant of the decision.

20.1.9 The decision of the Appeals Council shall be final except for any appeal the Club or individual or the Board may have to Basketball Ireland.

20.2 Any Club or individual who is affected by any decision of the Executive of the Board may appeal that decision to the Appeals Council within 7 days of receipt by them of the Executive's decision. The appeal shall be notified to the Secretary of the Board and shall be accompanied by a fee of €130.00 which shall be refundable only upon a successful appeal. If an oral hearing is requested the request must accompany this notice of appeal. Paragraphs 20.1.6 – 9 shall apply

20.3 Appeals Council

At the Annual General Meeting of the Board each year, the Executive shall seek nominations for persons to sit on the Appeals Council, which shall consist of six people. In the event of more than 6 people being nominated for the positions on the Appeals Council, an election shall take place and the 6 people obtaining the highest number of votes in the election shall be appointed to the Appeals Council.

In the event of less than 6 people being nominated the Executive shall have the power to co-opt additional persons to make up the full number.

At the first meeting of the Board each year the members of the Appeals Council shall be notified to the Board.

The Appeals Council, in order to carry out its business, may nominate any three of its members to sit to hear any appeal. These 3 members, when sitting, shall constitute the Appeals Council.

Any member of the Appeals Council who has any interest in any appeal coming before it shall notify the other members of the Appeals Council of this interest, and if the Appeals Council members consider it appropriate, that person shall not sit on any appeal where there may be a vested interest.


21.1 Clubs should take out insurance for their players, their Coaches and their Administrators.

21.2 Clubs using a home gymnasium must have public liability insurance (See article 11.4b) and the Dublin Men’s Basketball Board hereby disclaims any liability whatsoever in respect of matches in Dublin Competitions organized by Clubs in their home gymnasium. A copy of this Insurance must be lodged with the Board before games commence and within 14 days of the renewal date during the playing season. Failure to comply with this regulation incurs a €50.00 fine.


The DMBB Executive, Appeals and Disciplinary Committees are made up of voluntary members. Clubs should be mindful of this and behave accordingly. Clubs are responsible for the behaviour of its members, supporters, and its parents. Any inappropriate behaviour will be reported to the disciplinary Committee to deal with..


The Winners and Runners up of the under 14 (1) and under 16 (1) leagues will represent the DMBB in the AICCs provided, they play all their league and Cup fixtures. Teams who are subject to serious disciplinary action in the current season by the DMBB will not be considered for selection to the AICCs.

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