NIBB Match Reports
Magherafelt Titans v Newry Flyers
D1 18/03 20:30
Magherafelt Titans 59 - 56 Newry Flyers

1 St quarter titans 22 flyers 9

half time titans 29 flyers 30

3 rd quarter titans 44 flyers 45

Full time titans 59 flyers 56

21/03/2016 22:28
Andersonstown Tigers BC v Queens BC
19/03/16 4:30 pm
Wingfoot 19/03 16:30
Andersonstown Tigers BC 67 - 65 Queens BC
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19/03/2016 22:34
Magherafelt Titans v Armagh Bisons BC
D1 11/03 20:30
Magherafelt Titans 76 - 105 Armagh Bisons BC

1 st quarter titans 27 Biscons 11

Half time titans 39 Biscons 47

3 rd titans 50 biscons 83

13/03/2016 21:30
Phoenix BC v Tyrone Towers BC
Phoenix vs tyrone ladies
Womens 10/03 20:00
Phoenix BC 71 - 40 Tyrone Towers BC
Yet another good game from the Phoenix squad. Phoenix ladies started out with some great outside shooting and a strong zone defense which Tyrone found hard to contest. Half time score had Phoenix up by 16 so Tyrone put on a full court press to start the second half. It rattled Phoenix initially but they regained control and finished strong. Final score was 71 Phoenix 40 Tyrone.
10/03/2016 23:52
Omagh Thunder BC v Belfast Star
27/02/16 12:30 pm
U18 Men 27/02 12:30
Omagh Thunder BC 63 - 81 Belfast Star
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02/03/2016 08:58
C.B. Eagles BC v Magherafelt Titans
D1 24/02 20:10
C.B. Eagles BC 70 - 64 Magherafelt Titans

mvp 4 henry Titans

banbridge 10 eidmantas

25/02/2016 20:00
Magherafelt Titans v Andersonstown Tigers BC
D1 19/02 20:30
Magherafelt Titans 57 - 81 Andersonstown Tigers BC

1st quarter titans 4 andytown 31

Half time titans 23 andytown 44

3 rd quarter titans 42 andytown 63

Game ends titans 57 andytown 81

21/02/2016 20:42
Magherafelt Titans v Letterkenny Blaze
D1 12/02 20:30
Magherafelt Titans 54 - 82 Letterkenny Blaze

End off first quarter titans 19 blaze 10

Half time titans 26 blaze 42

3rd quarter titans 40 blaze 62

Game ends titans 54 blaze 82

14/02/2016 22:34
Magherafelt Titans v Tyrone Towers BC
29/01 20:30
Magherafelt Titans 57 - 70 Tyrone Towers BC

End off 1 st quarter titans 8 towers 13

half time titans 27 towers 36

3 rd quarter titans 41 towers 51

full time titans 57 towers 70

01/02/2016 00:22
Magherafelt Titans v Ballymena BC
25/01 20:30
Magherafelt Titans 69 - 64 Ballymena BC

Game got off to a flyer.

At the end off the first quarter titans 18 Ballymena 18

At half time Titans 29 Ballymena 29

Third quarter got off to a flyer with Ballymena out scoring titans, in the first 7 mins. In the last 3 mins titans pushed hard and started to find their scores.

The fourth quarter titans started, with titans pushing hard all over the court. With Ballymena players picking up fouls titans could, go for it.

Final score Titans 69 Ballymena 64

28/01/2016 21:54
Ulster Elks v Tyrone Towers BC
24/01/16 12:15 pm
U16 G 24/01 12:15
Ulster Elks 55 - 28 Tyrone Towers BC
Match Photographs
24/01/2016 16:29
Ulster Elks v Tyrone Towers BC
20/01/16 8 pm
Womens 20/01 20:00
Ulster Elks 67 - 34 Tyrone Towers BC

The UUJ Ladies basketball team overcame the Tyrone Towers this past Wednesday in a big win, 67 34. UUJ had a slow start but was able to push the pace ending the first half with a score of 25 18. The Elks played good team basketball with 5 players scoring in double digits.

The Elks ladies would pull away in the third quarter outscoring Tyrone, 25 to 10. This was a good team win by the Ulster Elks. They will push to keep their undefeated season in next Wednesdays match.

20/01/2016 23:52
Tyrone Towers BC v Armagh Bisons BC
D1 17/01 16:00
Tyrone Towers BC 69 - 64 Armagh Bisons BC

Q1 A spirited first quarter saw the Bisons race ahead to lead with a quick fire succession of threes. Towers worked hard on defense with patient offense to keep the deficit to 9 - Bisons lead 23-14.

Q2 Fired up, Towers took the Bison by the horn so to speak and with fantastic team play, a scoring surge by Towers P Barker and a timely 3 by M Gallagher, Towers lead briefly until a Bison layup snatched the lead back, Bisons lead 34-32.

Q3 Bisons take the third quarter as they did from the tip, with a flurry of 3 pointers and increased their lead to 10 - Towers unwilling to give in with unremitting defense and with the scoring now coming from Towers C Campbell, Towers close the deficit to a single point - Bisons 49 Towers 48.

Q4 Early foul trouble for two of the Bisons meant a bit of freedom for Towers and they took full advantage, using C McQuaid to notch up some early points. Bisons fought back which led to opportunities from the free throw line for Towers which they converted to take the win, despite the characteristic noise distraction the Bison followers could throw up. Final score Towers 69 Bisons 64

17/01/2016 22:21
Kilkeel-Knights BC v Andersonstown Tigers BC
09/01/16 6 pm
09/01 18:00
Kilkeel-Knights BC 88 - 63 Andersonstown Tigers BC
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09/01/2016 21:09
Tyrone Towers BC v Queens BC
u14 Boys 19/12 15:30
Tyrone Towers BC 17 - 60 Queens BC

Q1 Both teams well matched, sizing each other up - Queens lead 9-8 at the buzzer.

Q2 A taller Queens team slowed Towers pace and scoring - Queens increase their lead 22-8.

Q3 Queens use their height advantage to dominate the boards and converting offensive rebounds. Queens 46 Towers 15.

Q4 The final quarter runs out with Towers unable to find their form while Queens continue to convert - Queens win 60-17.

22/12/2015 00:23
Tyrone Towers BC v Queens BC
U16 Boys 19/12 14:15
Tyrone Towers BC 15 - 46 Queens BC

Q1 Both teams come off the bench hard, going basket for basket. Queens press to graphics some loose balls and convert to lead 10-6.

Q2 Queens continue to press and convert, putting Towers on the back foot. Queens lead 30-6 at the half.

Q3 A frustrated Towers team took to the court but continued to battle hard on defense while offense continued to allude.

Q4 Towers bravely fought back in this last quarter and the scores started to come but a story of too little too late. Queens 46 Towers 15.

22/12/2015 00:09
Magherafelt Titans v Tyrone Towers BC
D1 04/12 20:30
Magherafelt Titans 41 - 54 Tyrone Towers BC

scores end off 1st quarter titans 9 towers 16

scores at 1/2 time titans 20 towers 30

scores end off 3rd quarter titans 28 towers 41

final score titans 41 towers 54

09/12/2015 20:49
Phoenix BC v Tyrone Towers BC
Phoenix come out on top
Womens 04/12 20:14
Phoenix BC 48 - 40 Tyrone Towers BC

The first quarter was tightly contested with both teams getting their stride. Second quarter saw Phoenix's newest team member, Sally Nnamni, bring some much needed intensity into the game which helped Phoenix take a 10 point lead going into half time: Phoenix 29 Towers 19.

Tyrone came back with a well structured press which created turnovers and much needed points. With strong free throw scoring and Montgomery and Palmer coming out strong, Tyrone pulled it back to all tied going into the last quarter.

However, this wasn't enough to defeat the Phoenix ladies. With a strong finish and good defence phoenix out scored Tyrone 10-2 to finish the game Phoenix 48 - Tyrone 40.

04/12/2015 16:09
Magherafelt Titans v C.B. Eagles BC
D1 27/11 20:30
Magherafelt Titans 74 - 84 C.B. Eagles BC

End off 1st quarter titans 12 cbc 17

1/2 time titans 29 cbc 38

3rd quarter titans 43 cbc 52

full time titans 74 cbc 84

29/11/2015 21:27
Tyrone Towers BC v Andersonstown Tigers BC
U18 Men B 28/11 13:30
Tyrone Towers BC 35 - 47 Andersonstown Tigers BC

Q1 Both teams run the court to find their feet, Towers narrowly lead 12-11.

Q2 The pace continues as both teams hustle on offense and get to grips with defense. Tigers lead 20-27.

Q3 Towers settle on offense and defense to close the gap - Tigers lead 33-26.

Q4 Towers lose their way as Tigers find a surge of energy to run the court to close out the game. Tigers win 47-35.

28/11/2015 22:54
Tyrone Towers BC v Andersonstown Tigers BC
U14 Girls 28/11 12:15
Tyrone Towers BC 18 - 29 Andersonstown Tigers BC

Q1 Tigers lead off with layups while Towers stay close with great defense and free throws - Tigers lead 4-2.

Q2 Tigers streak ahead with great team play on offense while Towers struggle to find their form. Tigers lead 16-6.

Q3 Towers bridge the gap with better defense and team play. Tigers lead 22-13.

Q4 Towers press to bridge the gap but Tigers prove too much to overcome - Tigers win 29-18.

28/11/2015 22:45
Blackwater Steelers v Queens BC
28/11/15 1:30 pm
U18 Women 28/11 13:30
Blackwater Steelers 72 - 74 Queens BC

Match Photographs

Wrong scoresheet uploaded, but proper one in match report, icon on far right

28/11/2015 17:08
Phoenix BC v Kilkeel-Knights BC
27/11/2015 15:59
Ulster Elks v Phoenix BC
25/11/15 8 pm
Womens 25/11 20:00
Ulster Elks 67 - 50 Phoenix BC
Match Photographs
26/11/2015 00:02
Ulster Elks v Queens BC
24/11/15 8:10 pm
Wingfoot 24/11 20:10
Ulster Elks 68 - 61 Queens BC
Match Photographs
25/11/2015 14:42
Tyrone Towers BC v Ulster Elks
Womens 22/11 14:45
Tyrone Towers BC 43 - 59 Ulster Elks

Q1 Both teams came off the bench hot from the tip, trading shot for shot - Elks hold the 2 point advantage 15-13.

Q2 Elks were hungry for the ball and ran the court to forge ahead 35-21.

Q3 Elks continue with their blistering pace. Towers ran into foul trouble while Elks extend their lead 53-31.

Q4 Towers continue to battle hard, playing better defense to win the quarter 12-6 but we're unable to overcome the deficit - Elks win 59-43.

22/11/2015 22:17
Phoenix BC v Letterkenny Blaze
22/11 11:15
Phoenix BC 104 - 55 Letterkenny Blaze

In the second round of the BNI Cup saw Letterkenny travelling up to play Phoenix. A game that had Phoenix with the lead from opening minutes and never giving it away came up with a final score of 104-55 to Phoenix.

Letterkenny kept it close in the first half with the half time score of 48-30. With Letterkenny giving everything they had and crashing the offensive boards with multiple attempts time and again. Was just not enough with the fast paced offense of Phoenix getting fastbreak layups.

Phoenix advance to quarter finals to play Cranes which will match up size versus speed.

22/11/2015 20:21
Phoenix BC v Finnebrogue BC
D2 19/11 20:00
Phoenix BC 95 - 80 Finnebrogue BC

A tough fought game from both sides. A game that had no lead changes until the fourth quarter had Finnebrogue in the drivers seat throughout. There size and offensive patience kept them with a lead through the first three quarters. Offense was not an issue for both teams as the final score was 95-80.

Phoenix up tempo offense finally was able to slow down and tire out the bigger Finnebrogue in the fourth quarter. They took there first lead of the game and held on for the win.

22/11/2015 20:20
Tyrone Towers BC v Blackwater Steelers
U18 Men B 21/11 12:45
Tyrone Towers BC 36 - 56 Blackwater Steelers

Q1 Towers slow out of the blocks but picked up the pace as time ticked on. Steelers quicker on the mark, taking an 11 point lead.

Q2 Towers attempt to bridge the gap in this quarter, matching Steelers in scoring, 14 points apiece this quarter.

Q3 Both teams set off to a blistering pace, the scoreboard not showing the closeness of the match. However, Steelers fast break finishes with Steelers MVP M O'Brien scoring nearly half his match points this quarter, Steelers lead 47-28.

Q4 Steelers cruise to close out the march with the win 56-36.

22/11/2015 00:11
Tyrone Towers BC v Blackwater Steelers
U16 Boys 21/11 14:15
Tyrone Towers BC 15 - 70 Blackwater Steelers

Q1 Steelers race away to an early lead, running well on the fast break to lead 22-2.

Q2 With scoring opportunities lessened, Steelers still manage to win the quarter 112-2.

Q3 With great movement on offense from Steelers play making, scoring mirrors the first quarter.

Q4 While Steelers keep consistency in shooting, Towers hold steady but are unable to bridge the gap. Final score Steelers 70 Towers 15.

21/11/2015 23:51