U18 Boys Conference A

Competition:2043  Match:49559  NIBB

S Morgan shows class and claims MVP as Newry Flyers despatch Belfast Star.
MVP for D Ferguson for away team
Newry Flyers marginally won 60-59 against their visitors, Belfast Star at Abbey Grammar at 8 pm

Newry Flyers has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W

Belfast Star
Form: W L

D Ferguson moves to joint top MVP in this competition after being nominated twice in this game taking the player's total MVP awards to 4.

MVPs: (Newry Flyers) S Morgan (2)
(Belfast Star) D Ferguson (2)

Current League Position
2Newry Flyers220133866
4Belfast Star2111211154

This competition head to head
18/10/19 8 pmNewry Flyers6059Belfast StarAbbey Grammar

Club Fixture History
20/10/19 12:15 pmBelfast Star4135Newry FlyersU16 Girls
19/10/19 11:30 amNewry Flyers2822Belfast StarU14 Boys Development League
18/10/19 6:15 pmNewry Flyers5923Belfast StarU16 Boys Development League
02/03/19 10 amNewry Flyers1437Belfast StarU12 Boys
10/02/19 1:30 pmBelfast Star2731Newry FlyersU14 Boys Development League
10/02/19 12:15 pmBelfast Star4913Newry FlyersU12 Boys
09/02/19 2:15 pmBelfast Star6431Newry FlyersU18 Men
08/02/19 7:45 pmBelfast Star5255Newry FlyersU16 Boys Development League
08/02/19 6:30 pmBelfast Star200Newry FlyersU14 Girls
19/10/18 7:30 pmNewry Flyers2850Belfast StarU18 Men
06/10/18 12:30 pmNewry Flyers1643Belfast StarU14 Boys Development League
06/10/18 11:15 amNewry Flyers020Belfast StarU14 Girls
05/10/18 6:15 pmNewry Flyers5061Belfast StarU16 Boys Development League
10/03/18 11:30 amNewry Flyers1036Belfast StarU14 Boys Development League
25/02/18 2:45 pmBelfast Star2723Newry FlyersU14 Boys Development League
25/02/18 1:30 pmBelfast Star3716Newry FlyersU14 Girls
25/02/18 12:15 pmBelfast Star5313Newry FlyersU12 Boys
23/02/18 6:15 pmNewry Flyers020Belfast StarU14 Girls
19/01/18 8:30 pmNewry Flyers3787Belfast StarU18 Men
19/01/18 7:15 pmNewry Flyers2357Belfast StarU16 Boys
18/11/17 3:30 pmBelfast Star8623Newry FlyersU18 Men
18/11/17 2:15 pmBelfast Star7833Newry FlyersU16 Boys
25/02/17 2:15 pmBelfast Star5319Newry FlyersU14 Boys
24/02/17 6:15 pmNewry Flyers1656Belfast StarU14 Boys

Recent Results in this competition
Newry Flyers
01/11/19 7:30 pmNewry Flyers7327Hazelwood Hawks BC
18/10/19 8 pmNewry Flyers6059Belfast Star
Belfast Star
26/10/19 4 pmQueens BC5562Belfast Star
18/10/19 8 pmNewry Flyers6059Belfast Star

Newry FlyersBelfast Star
A Hanna1
C McArdle1
S Morgan2
D Ferguson4
N Morgan1