U16 Girls

Competition:1961  Match:45637  NIBB

Newry Flyers 28 - 52 Belfast Phoenix BC

K Ward displays great form and gets MVP as Belfast Phoenix BC claim victory against Newry Flyers.
R Gallagher voted MVP twice for home team
7th placed Newry Flyers were comprehensively beaten at home by 4th placed Belfast Phoenix BC at Abbey Grammar at 11:15 am

Newry Flyers has yet to win in this competition, having lost all 11 games.
Form: L L L L L L L L L L L

Belfast Phoenix BC
Form: W W W L W L L L L L W L

MVPs: (Newry Flyers) R Gallagher (2)
(Belfast Phoenix BC) K Ward (2)

Current League Position
4Belfast Phoenix BC125744854022
7Newry Flyers1101122348211

This competition head to head
23/11/19 11:15 amNewry Flyers2852Belfast Phoenix BCAbbey Grammar
29/02/20 11:30 amBelfast Phoenix BC4228Newry FlyersMethodist College, Belfast

Club Fixture History
29/02/20 12:45 pmBelfast Phoenix BC5173Newry FlyersU18 Boys Conference A
29/02/20 10:15 amBelfast Phoenix BC1219Newry FlyersU12 Boys
04/02/20 8:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC9925Newry FlyersU18 Girls
13/12/19 7 pmNewry Flyers8151Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Boys Conference A
24/11/19 2 pmNewry Flyers1618Belfast Phoenix BCU12 Boys
22/11/19 6:15 pmNewry Flyers1075Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Girls
29/01/19 8:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC739Newry FlyersU18 Women
26/01/19 2:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC1625Newry FlyersU12 Boys
26/01/19 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC5167Newry FlyersU18 Men
26/01/19 11 amBelfast Phoenix BC200Newry FlyersU14 Girls
28/10/18 3:45 pmNewry Flyers5357Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Men
28/10/18 2:15 pmNewry Flyers020Belfast Phoenix BCU14 Girls
28/10/18 1:15 pmNewry Flyers1324Belfast Phoenix BCU12 Boys
26/10/18 6:30 pmNewry Flyers1159Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Women
03/03/18 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC200Newry FlyersU18 Men
02/03/18 8:30 pmNewry Flyers1871Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Girls
02/03/18 7:15 pmNewry Flyers020Belfast Phoenix BCU14 Girls
23/02/18 7:15 pmNewry Flyers4133Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Boys
19/02/18Newry Flyers1146Belfast Phoenix BCU12 Boys
04/02/18 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC208Newry FlyersU12 Boys
26/11/17 11:15 amBelfast Phoenix BC7918Newry FlyersU16 Girls
26/11/17 10:15 amBelfast Phoenix BC4014Newry FlyersU14 Girls
22/10/17 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC3041Newry FlyersU16 Boys
20/10/17 7:30 pmNewry Flyers4690Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Men

Recent Results in this competition
Newry Flyers
01/03/20 11:30 amNewry Flyers020Letterkenny Blaze
29/02/20 11:30 amBelfast Phoenix BC4228Newry Flyers
22/02/20 10 amNewry Flyers1049Queens BC
16/02/20 12:10 pmUlster University Tigers4318Newry Flyers
31/01/20 6:30 pmNewry Flyers2140Ulster University Tigers
17/01/20 6:15 pmNewry Flyers2361Belfast Star
Belfast Phoenix BC
01/03/20 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC4238Queens BC
29/02/20 11:30 amBelfast Phoenix BC4228Newry Flyers
23/02/20 2:45 pmBelfast Phoenix BC3734Belfast Star
10/02/20 2:30 pmUlster University Tigers3727Belfast Phoenix BC
12/01/20 1:30 pmBelfast Star4650Belfast Phoenix BC
11/01/20 12:45 pmTyrone Towers BC5923Belfast Phoenix BC

Newry FlyersBelfast Phoenix BC
E Lindsay5
R Gallagher12
Ria McMahon1
A Cassidy13
Anna C1
C Duncan1
C Ward1
E Magee2
K Ward6