Men's Premier League 2019/20

Competition:1951  Match:44965  NIBB

Tyrone Towers 51 - 58 Ballymena BC

Tyrone Towers lose to Ballymena BC.
8th placed Tyrone Towers were marginally beaten at home by 4th placed Ballymena BC at Torrents Centre at 7 pm

Tyrone Towers have lost 6 out of 7 home games.
Form: L W L L W L L L L W L L L

Ballymena BC are currently on a losing streak of 5 games.
Form: L L L L L W W L W L W W W

MVPs: (Tyrone Towers) K.Juskevicius,F. Oliver
(Ballymena BC) M McDonald, B.McCormick

Current League Position
4Ballymena BC136780290725
8Tyrone Towers1331087992719

This competition head to head
11/10/19 7 pmTyrone Towers5158Ballymena BCTorrents Centre
16/01/20 8:15 pmBallymena BC4769Tyrone TowersSt. Patricks College, Ballymena

Recent Results in this competition
Tyrone Towers
28/02/20 7:45 pmTyrone Towers6591Queens Hornets
10/02/20 7:10 pmUlster University6465Tyrone Towers
07/02/20 7:30 pmTyrone Towers7176Belfast Phoenix BC
31/01/20 7:30 pmTyrone Towers6067Ulster University Tigers
16/01/20 8:15 pmBallymena BC4769Tyrone Towers
10/01/20 7:30 pmTyrone Towers6580BC Wolves
Ballymena BC
05/03/20 8:15 pmBallymena BC6195Belfast Phoenix BC
13/02/20 8:15 pmBallymena BC5967Drogheda Wolves
30/01/20 8:30 pmQueens Hornets6440Ballymena BC
16/01/20 8:15 pmBallymena BC4769Tyrone Towers
06/01/20 7:10 pmUlster University6858Ballymena BC
17/12/19 7:15 pmUlster University Tigers5566Ballymena BC
Referee Statistics
Rolandas Bartkus2411

Tyrone TowersBallymena BC
A Pauparis2
C Campbell3
c mcquaid5
F. Oliver1
J Fanthorpe4
K Zagrekalis1
M Gallagher1
N Belskis1
N Bielskis6
P Daly (bench)1
R Fay2
R. Sakavicius1
S Gervin5
A Hillis1
B.O Mullan1
M McDonald7
M Murray12
M Sloan1
P Mckee1
P McNicholl3
S Lyness10