BNI Men's Cup

Competition:1299  Match:15501  NIBB

Kilkeel-Knights BC take spoils against Andersonstown Tigers BC.
Kilkeel-Knights BC comprehensively won 88-63 against their visitors, Andersonstown Tigers BC at Kingdom YC at 6 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

MVPs: (Kilkeel-Knights BC) D Surginas 9
(Andersonstown Tigers BC) a jakstas

Kilkeel-Knights BC v Andersonstown Tigers BC
09/01/16 6 pm
09/01 18:00
Kilkeel-Knights BC 88 - 63 Andersonstown Tigers BC

Match Photographs
This competition head to head
09/01/16 6 pmKilkeel-Knights BC8863Andersonstown Tigers BCKingdom YC

Club Fixture History
09/04/16 6 pmKilkeel-Knights BC8573Andersonstown Tigers BCWingfoot League
10/01/16 4 pmKilkeel-Knights BC200Andersonstown Tigers BCWingfoot League
03/10/15 4:30 pmAndersonstown Tigers BC7063Kilkeel-Knights BCWingfoot League

Recent Results in this competition
Kilkeel-Knights BC
10/11/15 8:15 pmKilkeel-Knights BC7941Newry Flyers
09/01/16 6 pmKilkeel-Knights BC8863Andersonstown Tigers BC
06/02/16 4:15 pmNorth Star BC5677Kilkeel-Knights BC
Andersonstown Tigers BC
21/11/15 4:30 pmAndersonstown Tigers BC9288C.B. Eagles BC
09/01/16 6 pmKilkeel-Knights BC8863Andersonstown Tigers BC
Referee Statistics
Tom Trainer4292418

Kilkeel-Knights BCAndersonstown Tigers BC
D Surginas 92
a jakstas1