Men's Division 1

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Tyrone Towers BC 69 - 64 Armagh Bisons BC

M Gallagher displays great form and gets MVP as Tyrone Towers BC take all points from Armagh Bisons BC.
A Pauparis shows class and claims MVP for away team
4th placed Tyrone Towers BC marginally won 69-64 against their visitors, League leaders Armagh Bisons BC at Dungannon LC at 4 pm

Tyrone Towers BC
Form: W L W W L W W W W L L W L L W W L L

Armagh Bisons BC are currently on a winning streak of 9 games.They have won 7 out of 8 away games.
Form: W W W W W W W W W L W W W W W W W W

MVPs: (Tyrone Towers BC) M Gallagher (2),M Gallagher
(Armagh Bisons BC) A Pauparis (2)

Tyrone Towers BC v Armagh Bisons BC
D1 17/01 16:00
Tyrone Towers BC 69 - 64 Armagh Bisons BC

Q1 A spirited first quarter saw the Bisons race ahead to lead with a quick fire succession of threes. Towers worked hard on defense with patient offense to keep the deficit to 9 - Bisons lead 23-14.

Q2 Fired up, Towers took the Bison by the horn so to speak and with fantastic team play, a scoring surge by Towers P Barker and a timely 3 by M Gallagher, Towers lead briefly until a Bison layup snatched the lead back, Bisons lead 34-32.

Q3 Bisons take the third quarter as they did from the tip, with a flurry of 3 pointers and increased their lead to 10 - Towers unwilling to give in with unremitting defense and with the scoring now coming from Towers C Campbell, Towers close the deficit to a single point - Bisons 49 Towers 48.

Q4 Early foul trouble for two of the Bisons meant a bit of freedom for Towers and they took full advantage, using C McQuaid to notch up some early points. Bisons fought back which led to opportunities from the free throw line for Towers which they converted to take the win, despite the characteristic noise distraction the Bison followers could throw up. Final score Towers 69 Bisons 64

17/01/2016 22:21
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Armagh Bisons BC
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Armagh Bisons BC
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Tyrone Towers BC
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1Armagh Bisons BC161511444107246
4Tyrone Towers BC169797590834

This competition head to head
17/01/16 4 pmTyrone Towers BC6964Armagh Bisons BCDungannon LC
22/01/16 8 pmArmagh Bisons BC9474Tyrone Towers BCArmagh Epicentre
08/04/16 8 pmArmagh Bisons BC7667Tyrone Towers BCArmagh Epicentre

Club Fixture History
09/12/17 6 pmArmagh Bisons BC8189Tyrone Towers BCMen's Premier League 2017/2018
28/01/17 8 pmArmagh Bisons BC7667Tyrone Towers BCBNI 2016/17 Cup
18/12/16 2:15 pmTyrone Towers BC3790Armagh Bisons BCMen's Division 2 2016/17
12/11/16 8 pmArmagh Bisons BC6944Tyrone Towers BCMen's Division 2 2016/17

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Referee Statistics
Tom Trainer194136

Tyrone Towers BCArmagh Bisons BC
#21 C McQuaid8
#8 J Hagan1
C Campbell2
M Gallagher11
M. Gallagher1
P Barker2
21. Arturas Pauparis8
A Pauparis4
M Zalikas1
Z Sadauskas1