Men's Division 1

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Magherafelt Titans 54 - 82 Letterkenny Blaze

Venue: St Pius X

johnny bowman shows class and claims MVP for Magherafelt Titans but Letterkenny Blaze win the game.
9th placed Magherafelt Titans were comprehensively beaten at home by 8th placed Letterkenny Blaze at St Pius X at 8:30 pm

Magherafelt Titans have lost 7 out of 8 home games.
Form: W L L L L L L L L L L L L L L

Letterkenny Blaze are currently on a losing streak of 6 games.They have lost 8 out of 9 away games.
Form: L L L L L L W W L W L L W L L L L

MVPs: (Magherafelt Titans) johnny bowman (2)
(Letterkenny Blaze) P. Lynch, M Thornton

Magherafelt Titans v Letterkenny Blaze
D1 12/02 20:30
Magherafelt Titans 54 - 82 Letterkenny Blaze

End off first quarter titans 19 blaze 10

Half time titans 26 blaze 42

3rd quarter titans 40 blaze 62

Game ends titans 54 blaze 82

14/02/2016 22:34
Current League Position
Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Armagh Bisons BC
Letterkenny Blaze
Armagh Bisons BC
Tyrone Towers BC
Tyrone Towers BC
Omagh Thunder BC
Armagh Bisons BC
C.B. Eagles BC
Belfast Cranes BC
Andersonstown Tigers BC
Belfast Cranes BC
C.B. Eagles BC
C.B. Eagles BC
Newry Flyers

8Letterkenny Blaze16412847105222
9Magherafelt Titans15114806106317

This competition head to head
11/11/15 8:30 pmLetterkenny Blaze7748Magherafelt TitansAura LC
12/02/16 8:30 pmMagherafelt Titans5482Letterkenny BlazeSt Pius X

Club Fixture History
16/10/15 8:30 pmMagherafelt Titans6063Letterkenny BlazeBNI Men's Cup

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Magherafelt Titans
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24/02/16 8:10 pmC.B. Eagles BC7064Magherafelt Titans
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01/04/16 7 pmArmagh Bisons BC10167Letterkenny Blaze
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04/03/16 8 pmArmagh Bisons BC200Letterkenny Blaze
29/02/16 8:15 pmLetterkenny Blaze7788C.B. Eagles BC
22/02/16 8:15 pmLetterkenny Blaze5087Omagh Thunder BC
Referee Statistics
Sean Moyes15887

Magherafelt TitansLetterkenny Blaze
#4 S Henry9
A. Wilson1
aaron Hamilton1
C. Lennon1
connor lennon1
garth mclean3
johnny bowman4
stephen henry1
31. I. Giats1
6. A. Edge5
D. Whoriskey3
Kieran O'Neill2
M Thornton7
P. Lynch5