U16 Girls

Competition:1293  Match:14952  NIBB

Venue: UUJ

Ulster Elks claim victory against Tyrone Towers BC.
2nd placed Ulster Elks comprehensively won 55-28 against their visitors, 4th placed Tyrone Towers BC at UUJ at 12:15 pm

Ulster Elks
Form: L W W W L W W W

Tyrone Towers BC
Form: L L L W L L L W

A McNulty moves to top MVP in this competition after being nominated in this game taking the player's total MVP awards to 7.

MVPs: (Ulster Elks) G. Kennedy
(Tyrone Towers BC) A McNulty

Ulster Elks v Tyrone Towers BC
24/01/16 12:15 pm
U16 G 24/01 12:15
Ulster Elks 55 - 28 Tyrone Towers BC

Match Photographs
Current League Position
2Ulster Elks86237826219
4Tyrone Towers BC82623745212

This competition head to head
31/10/15 11 amTyrone Towers BC4066Ulster ElksDungannon LC
24/01/16 12:15 pmUlster Elks5528Tyrone Towers BCUUJ

Club Fixture History
12/03/18 8:15 pmUlster Elks7463Tyrone Towers BCMen's Premier League (A Section) 2017/2018
10/03/18 1:30 pmTyrone Towers BC020Ulster ElksU18 Women
04/03/18 2:30 pmUlster Elks7130Tyrone Towers BCWomen's Senior League
09/02/18 7:15 pmUlster Elks9363Tyrone Towers BCU18 Women
04/02/18 4 pmTyrone Towers BC200Ulster ElksMen's Premier League (A Section) 2017/2018
14/01/18 3 pmTyrone Towers BC2975Ulster ElksWomen's Senior League
10/12/17 12 pmUlster Elks7134Tyrone Towers BCWomen's Senior League
26/11/17 4 pmTyrone Towers BC101102Ulster ElksMen's Premier League 2017/2018
15/10/17 12 pmTyrone Towers BC4749Ulster ElksWomen's Senior League
11/03/17 2:15 pmTyrone Towers BC3862Ulster ElksU18 Women
24/02/17 7:30 pmUlster Elks020Tyrone Towers BCU16 Girls
24/02/17 6:15 pmUlster Elks7243Tyrone Towers BCU18 Women
15/10/16 12:30 pmTyrone Towers BC200Ulster ElksU16 Girls
06/03/16 2:30 pmTyrone Towers BC4470Ulster ElksWomen's Senior League
24/01/16 1:30 pmUlster Elks2648Tyrone Towers BCU14 Girls
20/01/16 8 pmUlster Elks6734Tyrone Towers BCWomen's Senior League
22/11/15 2:45 pmTyrone Towers BC4359Ulster ElksWomen's Senior League
31/10/15 12:15 pmTyrone Towers BC5720Ulster ElksU14 Girls
Tyrone Towers BC3952Ulster ElksBNI/NW Womens League

Recent Results in this competition
Ulster Elks
12/02/16 7:30 pmUlster Elks020Queens BC
03/02/16 8:15 pmUlster Elks5024Phoenix BC
24/01/16 12:15 pmUlster Elks5528Tyrone Towers BC
17/01/16 4:15 amBlackwater Steelers4449Ulster Elks
11/12/15 7:30 pmUlster Elks4049Blackwater Steelers
01/12/15 7:30 pmQueens BC2559Ulster Elks
Tyrone Towers BC
06/03/16 9:30 amPhoenix BC5311Tyrone Towers BC
20/02/16 12:15 pmTyrone Towers BC1464Phoenix BC
24/01/16 12:15 pmUlster Elks5528Tyrone Towers BC
23/01/16Tyrone Towers BC4038Queens BC
09/01/16 12:15 pmTyrone Towers BC3474Blackwater Steelers
08/11/15 12:45 pmBlackwater Steelers8624Tyrone Towers BC

Ulster ElksTyrone Towers BC
Aiobheann M1
C McCreanor3
E. Maguire4
Enya Maguire2
G. Kennedy1
A McNulty7
A Rafferty5
C McCann2
R O'Donnell1