U16 Boys

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O O'Neill voted MVP twice as Queens BC take spoils against Tyrone Towers BC.
7th placed Tyrone Towers BC were comprehensively beaten at home by 4th placed Queens BC at Dungannon LC at 2:15 pm

Tyrone Towers BC has yet to win in this competition, having lost all 12 games.
Form: L L L L L L L L L L L L

Queens BC
Form: L W W L L L L W L W W W

MVPs: (Tyrone Towers BC) K Schofield,M McCusker
(Queens BC) O O'Neill (2)

Tyrone Towers BC v Queens BC
U16 Boys 19/12 14:15
Tyrone Towers BC 15 - 46 Queens BC

Q1 Both teams come off the bench hard, going basket for basket. Queens press to graphics some loose balls and convert to lead 10-6.

Q2 Queens continue to press and convert, putting Towers on the back foot. Queens lead 30-6 at the half.

Q3 A frustrated Towers team took to the court but continued to battle hard on defense while offense continued to allude.

Q4 Towers bravely fought back in this last quarter and the scores started to come but a story of too little too late. Queens 46 Towers 15.

Current League Position
4Queens BC126656349624
7Tyrone Towers BC1201230364412

This competition head to head
10/10/15 2:15 pmQueens BC4624Tyrone Towers BCQueens PEC
19/12/15 2:15 pmTyrone Towers BC1546Queens BCDungannon LC

Club Fixture History
04/03/18 10:30 amQueens BC5759Tyrone Towers BCWomen's Senior League
27/01/18 2:45 pmQueens BC7054Tyrone Towers BCU18 Men
27/01/18 2:30 pmTyrone Towers BC4943Queens BCU18 Women
27/01/18 1:15 pmQueens BC5441Tyrone Towers BCU16 Boys
27/01/18 1 pmTyrone Towers BC6028Queens BCU16 Girls
27/01/18 12:15 pmTyrone Towers BC5530Queens BCU14 Girls
27/01/18 12 pmQueens BC5119Tyrone Towers BCU14 Boys
16/01/18 8:20 pmQueens BC9378Tyrone Towers BCBNI 2017/18 Cup
14/01/18 10:30 amQueens BC4132Tyrone Towers BCWomen's Senior League
19/11/17 3 pmTyrone Towers BC3945Queens BCWomen's Senior League
28/10/17 2:45 pmQueens BC3119Tyrone Towers BCU18 Women
28/10/17 1:15 pmQueens BC4148Tyrone Towers BCU16 Girls
28/10/17 12:15 pmQueens BC3052Tyrone Towers BCU14 Girls
15/10/17 3 pmQueens BC2832Tyrone Towers BCWomen's Senior League
14/10/17 3:30 pmTyrone Towers BC4762Queens BCU18 Men
14/10/17 2 pmTyrone Towers BC2574Queens BCU16 Boys
14/10/17 12:45 pmTyrone Towers BC1932Queens BCU14 Boys
08/10/17 4:15 pmTyrone Towers BC8287Queens BCMen's Premier League 2017/2018
26/01/17 8:15 pmQueens BC5472Tyrone Towers BCMen's Division 1 2016/17
14/01/17 1:15 pmQueens BC200Tyrone Towers BCU14 Boys
14/01/17 12 pmQueens BC3833Tyrone Towers BCU16 Boys
17/12/16 1:45 pmTyrone Towers BC957Queens BCU18 Women
17/12/16 12:30 pmTyrone Towers BC3327Queens BCU14 Girls
17/12/16 11:15 amTyrone Towers BC4251Queens BCU16 Girls
26/11/16 3:15 pmTyrone Towers BC3035Queens BCU14 Boys
26/11/16 1:30 pmTyrone Towers BC3037Queens BCU16 Boys
23/10/16 4 pmTyrone Towers BC7160Queens BCMen's Division 1 2016/17
09/10/16 12:30 pmQueens BC5223Tyrone Towers BCU18 Women
09/10/16 11:15 amQueens BC5021Tyrone Towers BCU16 Girls
09/10/16 11 amQueens BC2250Tyrone Towers BCU14 Girls
18/02/16 7 pmQueens BC3745Tyrone Towers BCWomen's Senior League
23/01/16 11:15 amTyrone Towers BC1835Queens BCU14 Girls
23/01/16Tyrone Towers BC4038Queens BCU16 Girls
10/01/16 2:30 pmTyrone Towers BC3840Queens BCWomen's Senior League
19/12/15 3:30 pmTyrone Towers BC1760Queens BCU14 Boys
19/11/15 7 pmQueens BC7554Tyrone Towers BCBNI Men's Cup
12/11/15 7 pmQueens BC4145Tyrone Towers BCWomen's Senior League
25/10/15 12:30 pmQueens BC2223Tyrone Towers BCU14 Girls
25/10/15 11:15 amQueens BC1646Tyrone Towers BCU16 Girls
10/10/15 3:30 pmQueens BC5413Tyrone Towers BCU14 Boys
Queens BC2943Tyrone Towers BCBNI/NW Womens League

Recent Results in this competition
Tyrone Towers BC
28/02/16 2:15 pmAndersonstown Tigers BC6614Tyrone Towers BC
21/02/16 12 pmLetterkenny Blaze5033Tyrone Towers BC
20/02/16 2:15 pmTyrone Towers BC3133Letterkenny Blaze
16/02/16 8 pmBlackwater Steelers6025Tyrone Towers BC
06/02/16 12:45 pmTyrone Towers BC2264Belfast Star
24/01/16 12:30 pmPhoenix BC6029Tyrone Towers BC
Queens BC
28/02/16 12:15 pmBlackwater Steelers6147Queens BC
21/02/16 12:10 pmAndersonstown Tigers BC3969Queens BC
06/02/16 2:15 pmQueens BC5824Letterkenny Blaze
28/01/16 7 pmQueens BC4850Phoenix BC
23/01/16 4:30 pmQueens BC4047Blackwater Steelers
16/01/16 12:15 pmLetterkenny Blaze4339Queens BC
Referee Statistics
Fintan Colgan2413159

Tyrone Towers BCQueens BC
B Gormley1
B. Gormly3
D Millar2
K Schofield1
M McCusker11
M O'Neill3
S Donaghy1
C O'Rourke2
Dara Curran1
M Rooney11
Matthew Rooney2
N Agnew2
O O'Neill3
T Dunford3