Women's Senior League

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Phoenix BC claim victory against Tyrone Towers BC.
2nd placed Phoenix BC comprehensively won 71-40 against their visitors, 3rd placed Tyrone Towers BC at Methodist College, Belfast at 8 pm

Phoenix BC have yet to be beaten at home.
Form: L L W W W W W W L W

Tyrone Towers BC
Form: L L W L L L L L W

MVPs: (Phoenix BC) S Nnamni,E O'Connor
(Tyrone Towers BC) R Montgomery, E McCrory

Phoenix BC v Tyrone Towers BC
Phoenix vs tyrone ladies
Womens 10/03 20:00
Phoenix BC 71 - 40 Tyrone Towers BC

Yet another good game from the Phoenix squad. Phoenix ladies started out with some great outside shooting and a strong zone defense which Tyrone found hard to contest. Half time score had Phoenix up by 16 so Tyrone put on a full court press to start the second half. It rattled Phoenix initially but they regained control and finished strong. Final score was 71 Phoenix 40 Tyrone.
Current League Position
2Phoenix BC107361751924
3Tyrone Towers BC92738549213

This competition head to head
04/12/15 8:14 pmPhoenix BC4840Tyrone Towers BCMethodist College, Belfast
07/02/16 4:15 pmTyrone Towers BC5659Phoenix BCDungannon LC
10/03/16 8 pmPhoenix BC7140Tyrone Towers BCMethodist College, Belfast

Club Fixture History
05/03/17 12:45 pmPhoenix BC4416Tyrone Towers BCU16 Girls
28/02/17 8:40 pmTyrone Towers BC2624Phoenix BCU14 Girls
25/02/17 3:30 pmTyrone Towers BC5161Phoenix BCU14 Boys
25/02/17 2 pmTyrone Towers BC4143Phoenix BCU16 Boys
22/02/17 6 pmPhoenix BC3733Tyrone Towers BCU14 Girls
07/02/17 8:15 pmPhoenix BC6829Tyrone Towers BCU18 Women
22/01/17 2:15 pmTyrone Towers BC7065Phoenix BCMen's Division 2 2016/17
08/01/17 4:45 pmPhoenix BC2135Tyrone Towers BCU16 Boys
08/01/17 3:30 pmPhoenix BC3261Tyrone Towers BCU14 Boys
19/11/16 2 pmTyrone Towers BC2441Phoenix BCU16 Girls
19/11/16 11:15 amTyrone Towers BC2980Phoenix BCU18 Women
28/10/16 8:30 pmPhoenix BC4943Tyrone Towers BCMen's Division 2 2016/17
06/03/16 9:30 amPhoenix BC5311Tyrone Towers BCU16 Girls
20/02/16 12:15 pmTyrone Towers BC1464Phoenix BCU16 Girls
20/02/16 11 amTyrone Towers BC5134Phoenix BCU14 Girls
17/02/16 7 pmPhoenix BC744Tyrone Towers BCU14 Girls
24/01/16 12:30 pmPhoenix BC6029Tyrone Towers BCU16 Boys
24/01/16 12:15 pmPhoenix BC4777Tyrone Towers BCU18 Men Development League
24/01/16 9:30 amPhoenix BC2838Tyrone Towers BCU14 Boys
24/10/15 3:30 pmTyrone Towers BC4625Phoenix BCU14 Boys
24/10/15 2:15 pmTyrone Towers BC4356Phoenix BCU16 Boys
24/10/15 12:45 pmTyrone Towers BC3046Phoenix BCU18 Men Development League
Phoenix BC6349Tyrone Towers BCBNI/NW Womens League

Recent Results in this competition
Phoenix BC
23/04/16 2 pmUlster Elks6758Phoenix BC
16/03/16 8:30 pmUlster Elks7366Phoenix BC
10/03/16 8 pmPhoenix BC7140Tyrone Towers BC
25/02/16 7 pmQueens BC4461Phoenix BC
11/02/16 6:30 pmPhoenix BC5951Ulster Elks
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10/03/16 8 pmPhoenix BC7140Tyrone Towers BC
06/03/16 2:30 pmTyrone Towers BC4470Ulster Elks
18/02/16 7 pmQueens BC3745Tyrone Towers BC
07/02/16 4:15 pmTyrone Towers BC5659Phoenix BC
20/01/16 8 pmUlster Elks6734Tyrone Towers BC
10/01/16 2:30 pmTyrone Towers BC3840Queens BC
Referee Statistics
Mark O'Neill4422

Phoenix BCTyrone Towers BC
A Servat2
A. Murray1
C O'Neill3
C. Hutchinson1
E Berkey2
E O'Connor5
H Byrne1
S Nnamni3
C McGrath1
E McCrory3
K Fay1
L Barker3
L O'Neill1
R Barker2
R Montgomery4
S Lafferty3