Women's Senior League

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Phoenix BC 71 - 40 Tyrone Towers BC

Phoenix BC claim victory against Tyrone Towers BC.
2nd placed Phoenix BC comprehensively won 71-40 against their visitors, 3rd placed Tyrone Towers BC at Methodist College, Belfast at 8 pm

Phoenix BC have yet to be beaten at home.
Form: L L W W W W W W L W

Tyrone Towers BC
Form: L L W L L L L L W

MVPs: (Phoenix BC) S Nnamni,E O'Connor
(Tyrone Towers BC) R Montgomery, E McCrory

Phoenix BC v Tyrone Towers BC
Phoenix vs tyrone ladies
Womens 10/03 20:00
Phoenix BC 71 - 40 Tyrone Towers BC
Yet another good game from the Phoenix squad. Phoenix ladies started out with some great outside shooting and a strong zone defense which Tyrone found hard to contest. Half time score had Phoenix up by 16 so Tyrone put on a full court press to start the second half. It rattled Phoenix initially but they regained control and finished strong. Final score was 71 Phoenix 40 Tyrone.
10/03/2016 23:52
Current League Position
2Phoenix BC107361751924
3Tyrone Towers BC92738549213

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04/12/15 8:14 pmPhoenix BC4840Tyrone Towers BCMethodist College, Belfast
07/02/16 4:15 pmTyrone Towers BC5659Phoenix BCDungannon LC
10/03/16 8 pmPhoenix BC7140Tyrone Towers BCMethodist College, Belfast

Club Fixture History
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28/02/17 8:40 pmTyrone Towers BC2624Phoenix BCU14 Girls
25/02/17 3:30 pmTyrone Towers BC5161Phoenix BCU14 Boys
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08/01/17 3:30 pmPhoenix BC3261Tyrone Towers BCU14 Boys
19/11/16 2 pmTyrone Towers BC2441Phoenix BCU16 Girls
19/11/16 11:15 amTyrone Towers BC2980Phoenix BCU18 Women
28/10/16 8:30 pmPhoenix BC4943Tyrone Towers BCMen's Division 2 2016/17
06/03/16 9:30 amPhoenix BC5311Tyrone Towers BCU16 Girls
20/02/16 12:15 pmTyrone Towers BC1464Phoenix BCU16 Girls
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17/02/16 7 pmPhoenix BC744Tyrone Towers BCU14 Girls
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24/01/16 9:30 amPhoenix BC2838Tyrone Towers BCU14 Boys
24/10/15 3:30 pmTyrone Towers BC4625Phoenix BCU14 Boys
24/10/15 2:15 pmTyrone Towers BC4356Phoenix BCU16 Boys
24/10/15 12:45 pmTyrone Towers BC3046Phoenix BCU18 Men Development League
Phoenix BC6349Tyrone Towers BCBNI/NW Womens League

Recent Results in this competition
Phoenix BC
23/04/16 2 pmUlster Elks6758Phoenix BC
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10/01/16 2:30 pmTyrone Towers BC3840Queens BC
Referee Statistics
Mark O'Neill1385

Phoenix BCTyrone Towers BC
A Servat2
A. Murray1
C O'Neill3
C. Hutchinson1
E Berkey2
E O'Connor5
H Byrne1
S Nnamni3
C McGrath1
E McCrory3
K Fay1
L Barker3
L O'Neill1
R Barker2
R Montgomery4
S Lafferty3