Men's Division 1 2019/20

Competition:2048  Match:50147  NIBB

Tyrone Towers II 47 - 41 Newry Flyers

P Crawley displays great form and gets MVP for Newry Flyers but Tyrone Towers II claim victory.
9th placed Tyrone Towers II marginally won 47-41 against their visitors, 2nd placed Newry Flyers at Torrents Centre at 7:30 pm

Tyrone Towers II
Form: L W L L L L W W L L W W W L

Newry Flyers
Form: W W L W L W W W L W L W W W W L W W

MVPs: (Tyrone Towers II) J. Kelly,M.Masauskas
(Newry Flyers) P Crawley (2)

Current League Position
2Newry Flyers181351110101244
9Tyrone Towers II146879185926

This competition head to head
20/12/19 7:30 pmTyrone Towers II4741Newry FlyersTorrents Centre
10/03/20 8:15 pmNewry Flyers5140Tyrone Towers IIAbbey Grammar

Club Fixture History
17/02/19 2:15 pmTyrone Towers II4744Newry FlyersMen's Division 1 2018/19
12/02/19 8:15 pmNewry Flyers5153Tyrone Towers IIMen's Division 1 2018/19

Recent Results in this competition
Tyrone Towers II
10/03/20 8:15 pmNewry Flyers5140Tyrone Towers II
06/03/20 7:45 pmTyrone Towers II4847North Star
27/02/20 8:15 pmOmagh Thunder9752Tyrone Towers II
21/02/20 7:30 pmTyrone Towers II6166Queens Eagles
09/02/20 12 pmUlster University Tigers III7964Tyrone Towers II
24/01/20 7:30 pmTyrone Towers II6281BC Wolves Classic
Newry Flyers
11/03/20 8:15 pmUlster University Tigers II4869Newry Flyers
10/03/20 8:15 pmNewry Flyers5140Tyrone Towers II
03/03/20 8:15 pmEast Coast Sharks7949Newry Flyers
25/02/20 8:15 pmNewry Flyers6662Ulster University Tigers III
21/02/20 8:10 pmBC Wolves Classic7057Newry Flyers
11/02/20 8:15 pmNewry Flyers6155Belfast Phoenix BC II
Referee Statistics
Modestas Sekstins71343

Tyrone Towers IINewry Flyers
B Donnelly2
C Cavanagh1
C McQuaid9
J Hagan Coach1
J. Kelly2
K Schofield1
M Kmasauskas1
M Masauskas1
P. Donnelly2
R Donnelly1
R Mallon2
S. Cavanagh4
C McMahon5
H McLaughlin1
L James2
P Crawley10
S Morgan17