U16 Boys

Competition:1956  Match:45569  NIBB

Venue: Loreto Gym

MVP for B Martin as Belfast Phoenix BC despatch Letterkenny Blaze.
4th placed Letterkenny Blaze were comprehensively beaten at home by 3rd placed Belfast Phoenix BC at Loreto Gym at 12:15 pm

Letterkenny Blaze
Form: L L W L

Belfast Phoenix BC has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W W

B Martin moves to top MVP in this competition after being nominated twice in this game taking the player's total MVP awards to 5.

MVPs: (Letterkenny Blaze) M Bonnar,R Smith
(Belfast Phoenix BC) B Martin (2)

Current League Position
3Belfast Phoenix BC330204959
4Letterkenny Blaze4131722296

This competition head to head
24/11/19 12:15 pmLetterkenny Blaze2878Belfast Phoenix BCLoreto Gym

Club Fixture History
24/11/19 3:05 pmLetterkenny Blaze6555Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Girls
24/11/19 12:15 pmLetterkenny Blaze6544Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Girls
24/11/19 11 amLetterkenny Blaze2826Belfast Phoenix BCU14 Boys
03/03/19 2:45 pmBelfast Phoenix BC3755Letterkenny BlazeU16 Boys
03/03/19 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC6960Letterkenny BlazeU18 Men
20/02/19 5 pmLetterkenny Blaze7312Belfast Phoenix BCU14 Girls
15/02/19 6 pmLetterkenny Blaze5334Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Girls
15/02/19 3 pmLetterkenny Blaze6978Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Women
15/02/19 1:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC7869Letterkenny BlazeU18 Women
10/02/19 1 pmBelfast Phoenix BC4629Letterkenny BlazeU14 Boys
18/11/18 3 pmLetterkenny Blaze11362Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Men
18/11/18 12:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC4749Letterkenny BlazeU16 Girls
18/11/18 12 pmLetterkenny Blaze3053Belfast Phoenix BCU14 Boys
18/11/18 12 pmLetterkenny Blaze6555Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Boys
18/11/18 11 amBelfast Phoenix BC1263Letterkenny BlazeU14 Girls
09/03/18 12 pmLetterkenny Blaze2933Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Girls
09/03/18 11 amLetterkenny Blaze200Belfast Phoenix BCU14 Girls
14/02/18 7 pmBelfast Phoenix BC8154Letterkenny BlazeU18 Men
28/01/18 3:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC4071Letterkenny BlazeU16 Boys
28/01/18 1:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC4235Letterkenny BlazeU18 Women
28/01/18 11:15 amBelfast Phoenix BC4925Letterkenny BlazeU16 Girls
28/01/18 10:15 amBelfast Phoenix BC881Letterkenny BlazeU14 Girls
14/01/18 2:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC3335Letterkenny BlazeU14 Boys
19/11/17 3:30 pmLetterkenny Blaze41101Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Men
19/11/17 11:45 amLetterkenny Blaze4260Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Women
29/10/17 11:45 amLetterkenny Blaze7157Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Boys
29/10/17 11 amLetterkenny Blaze2946Belfast Phoenix BCU14 Boys

Recent Results in this competition
Letterkenny Blaze
24/11/19 12:15 pmLetterkenny Blaze2878Belfast Phoenix BC
10/11/19 11:45 amQueens BC5245Letterkenny Blaze
26/10/19 2:30 pmTyrone Towers2458Letterkenny Blaze
12/10/19 3:30 pmBelfast Star7541Letterkenny Blaze
Belfast Phoenix BC
24/11/19 12:15 pmLetterkenny Blaze2878Belfast Phoenix BC
27/10/19 11:45 amUniversity Ulster Tigers3374Belfast Phoenix BC
20/10/19 1:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC5234Queens BC

Letterkenny BlazeBelfast Phoenix BC
L Dowling2
M Bonnar1
R Smith1
S Martinez4
B Martin5
J Calo1