U18 Girls

Competition:1955  Match:45529  NIBB

Newry Flyers 10 - 75 Belfast Phoenix BC

R Gallagher shows class and claims MVP for Newry Flyers but Belfast Phoenix BC win the game.
7th placed Newry Flyers were comprehensively beaten at home by 3rd placed Belfast Phoenix BC at Abbey Grammar at 6:15 pm

Newry Flyers has yet to win in this competition, having lost all 12 games.
Form: L L L L L L L L L L L L

Belfast Phoenix BC
Form: W W L L W W W W L W W W

R Gallagher moves to joint top MVP in this competition after being nominated twice in this game taking the player's total MVP awards to 12.

MVPs: (Newry Flyers) R Gallagher (2)
(Belfast Phoenix BC) A McCann, C Austin

Current League Position
3Belfast Phoenix BC129375952630
7Newry Flyers1201220764612

This competition head to head
22/11/19 6:15 pmNewry Flyers1075Belfast Phoenix BCAbbey Grammar
04/02/20 8:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC9925Newry FlyersMethodist College, Belfast

Club Fixture History
29/02/20 12:45 pmBelfast Phoenix BC5173Newry FlyersU18 Boys Conference A
29/02/20 11:30 amBelfast Phoenix BC4228Newry FlyersU16 Girls
29/02/20 10:15 amBelfast Phoenix BC1219Newry FlyersU12 Boys
13/12/19 7 pmNewry Flyers8151Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Boys Conference A
24/11/19 2 pmNewry Flyers1618Belfast Phoenix BCU12 Boys
23/11/19 11:15 amNewry Flyers2852Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Girls
29/01/19 8:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC739Newry FlyersU18 Women
26/01/19 2:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC1625Newry FlyersU12 Boys
26/01/19 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC5167Newry FlyersU18 Men
26/01/19 11 amBelfast Phoenix BC200Newry FlyersU14 Girls
28/10/18 3:45 pmNewry Flyers5357Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Men
28/10/18 2:15 pmNewry Flyers020Belfast Phoenix BCU14 Girls
28/10/18 1:15 pmNewry Flyers1324Belfast Phoenix BCU12 Boys
26/10/18 6:30 pmNewry Flyers1159Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Women
03/03/18 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC200Newry FlyersU18 Men
02/03/18 8:30 pmNewry Flyers1871Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Girls
02/03/18 7:15 pmNewry Flyers020Belfast Phoenix BCU14 Girls
23/02/18 7:15 pmNewry Flyers4133Belfast Phoenix BCU16 Boys
19/02/18Newry Flyers1146Belfast Phoenix BCU12 Boys
04/02/18 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC208Newry FlyersU12 Boys
26/11/17 11:15 amBelfast Phoenix BC7918Newry FlyersU16 Girls
26/11/17 10:15 amBelfast Phoenix BC4014Newry FlyersU14 Girls
22/10/17 12:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC3041Newry FlyersU16 Boys
20/10/17 7:30 pmNewry Flyers4690Belfast Phoenix BCU18 Men

Recent Results in this competition
Newry Flyers
14/03/20 1 pmNewry Flyers020Letterkenny Blaze
07/03/20 12:45 pmTyrone Towers5021Newry Flyers
22/02/20 11:30 amNewry Flyers3658Queens BC
19/02/20 7:10 pmUniversity Ulster Tigers3915Newry Flyers
04/02/20 8:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC9925Newry Flyers
31/01/20 8 pmNewry Flyers1760University Ulster Tigers
Belfast Phoenix BC
01/03/20 2 pmBelfast Phoenix BC200Tyrone Towers
25/02/20 8:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC6953Queens BC
24/02/20 6:30 pmBelfast Phoenix BC6075University Ulster Tigers
12/02/20 7:10 pmUniversity Ulster Tigers6540Belfast Phoenix BC
09/02/20 11:30 amBelfast Phoenix BC6036Drogheda Wolves
04/02/20 8:15 pmBelfast Phoenix BC9925Newry Flyers

Newry FlyersBelfast Phoenix BC
A Burns3
C Loughran1
I Murray1
J Love2
M McArdle1
R Gallagher12
A McCann2
C Austin2
C Taylor3
E Loftus1
K Ward3
L McCann8
M Mitchell4